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Go Carlos!

March 18th, 2008

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Congratulations Carlos Ramos for winning the March Cartoon of the Month for Channel Frederator! Carlos’s short, Twins Crimson is one of the many “Oh Yeah! Cartoons” shorts that Frederator produced with Nickelodeon. This oldie, but goodie, is still going strong with our Channel Frederator Fans.
Twins Crimson rated highest among all of the cartoons to run in February, which included episodes 118, 119, 120 and 121. Head on back to episode 121 to re-watch Twins Crimson. Also check out a great writeup that Fred did about Carlos a while back, here.

Drunken Blonde Twins 121. Online Funny Cartoons.

February 26th, 2008


Drunken Blonde Twins.
This title might be a little misleading.
Watching these cartoons, however, is a bit like hanging out with a pair of drunken blonde twins.
Except without the twins, all the blondeness, and the alcohol.
I guess all you are left with is Fun. And that’s not half bad, right?

— Portland D&D, submitted by Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH
Our Portland Brethren in Animation, the Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH had their Second Annual (can I say that?) Drinking & Drawing Event the same night we held ours in NYC, Jan. 23rd,2008. I hope their hangover was a lot better than ours. [Read more…]

“Magic Trixie” Backgrounds

January 29th, 2008

So with Channel Frederator showcasing Alex Kirwan’s Oh Yeah! Cartoon, “Magic Trixie”, last week, and on the heels of Jeaux’s interview with the creator, Alex lent me these two original backgrounds to scan and post. Most of the short’s bgs are scattered to the far winds, but these two were relatively handy. Emmy Award-winning Dan Krall handled the bg designing while Emmy Award-winning Seonna Hong painted the keys (these production bgs were created by someone in Korea of whose Emmy Award-winning record I’m unaware). It was Seonna’s first credited animation work. In this pair, the purple and beige colors are on the backgrounds; the Zeroxed line art on cell overlays.

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Magic Trixie, A Channel Frederator Featured Film!

January 28th, 2008


This interview was a treat for me to do because Alex Kirwan was one of my first champions and also the catalyst for me to get into Calarts’ animation program. His character design class was one of my fondest and funnest memories of Calarts. Alex was and still is one of the nicest, most genuine, brightest talents in the animation industry.
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Flame ON Tuesday! Fire Starting Cartoons! Hot Cartoons Online Now!

January 22nd, 2008

Do you smell the smoke? I smell Smoke.
Oh wait. It’s just the hotness that is this Tuesday’s cartoons on Channel Frederator this week. You might wanna grab those oven mitts if you’re planning on viewing this smoldering piece of awesomeness.
It’s like playing hot potatoe.

— Paris is On, submitted by Joel Trussell
Paris is on is about a scarred Muppet on a quest for fulfillment. It reminds me of that mind blowing scene in the muppet movie where Kermit was riding his bike, except skuzzier and designed a little better. Joel Trussell and crew did a great job for this Paul Brill vid.

— Matches on Fire, submitted by Roger A. Gihlemoen
Matches on Fire is just that. Matches. On Fire. Hilarious in it’s simplicity. Reminds me of a few drunken parties in college. Ah youth. Those were the days. Except, none of those parties ended up with anyone on fire, or dead. But still.

— Magic [Read more…]

Fireside Ichat: an IM conversation with Dan Meth!

September 14th, 2007


Bonjour IM with Dan Meth.
10:46 AM
hey dan

hey jeaux

are you busy?

not really

i’m gonna interview you about Internet People via Ichat.
How long have you been on the Internet dan?

not in the sense of having a website…but more in the sense of when were you first introduced to the internet?

i first started using the internet in about 1998
here and there in college to check my email and download guitar tablature for Neil Young songs
it wasn’t until I got my own computer after college that i really started surfing the web alot

What was big at around that time period online that you remember? i gues pre viral.

well, it was the first big dotcom era and I was out in San Francisco trying to learn Flash quickly so I could get a job.
There was all these Flash cartoon sites like Icebox and Mondo Media
Viral things…. hmm, it’s hard to remember. I recall one cartoon about a grandad or something.
I [Read more…]

Tales From The Goose Lady

June 5th, 2007


The fact we’re showing Dave Wasson’sTales from the Goose Lady: The Ugly Duck Thing” on Channel Frederator this week inspired me to go deep into the old Oh Yeah! Cartoons vault and pull out the big box of Zip disks (remember them?) full of production art from the short. Well, for some reason, the disk for OY! short #811, “The Ugly Duck Thing”, was missing. So I decided, well, we showed Dave’s “Tales from the Goose Lady: Hamzel and Grande” cartoon back in episode #31, so I can at least blog art from that (#635). Better late than never. It, too, was gone. Sigh. How about #813, “TFTGL: Dot and Randy’s Sad Tale of Woe”? The disk was there, but the $100,000 Mac here had trouble reading the Zip. Ultimately, though, I unwedged a few pieces of art from #812, “TFTGL: The Fisherman, the Fisherman’s Wife, and the Fish”. The quality could be [Read more…]

Channel Frederator #78

May 1st, 2007

May Day Channel Frederator Confessional: “When my sister was around five, she had a bear that would start singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star if you squeezed its paw. One day, I snuck into her room, squeezed the bear’s paw when her back was turned, and dove under her bed to hide. I did this three times. Scared, she called my mom into the room to explain that her bear was magically singing without her touching it, and my mom accused her of lying.”

Hey Look!, submitted by Vincent Waller. An Oh Yeah! Cartoon adaptation of one of Harvey Kurtzman’s comic strips.

Bad Dad, submitted by Tasha Hollywood. Why is it that little British kids always sound so cute with their accents? They could be telling us to go to hell, and we’d just want to pinch their cheeks.

Watch Channel Frederator by downloading the episode at our Website or by subscribing to the whole series through [Read more…]

Vincent Waller on Harvey Kurtzman.

May 1st, 2007

Our friends at Pulp Secret have given their viewers a preview of today’s Channel Frederator episode featuring the Harvey Kurtzman cartoon ‘Hey Look!’ I mentioned a couple of weeks ago (we also posted the entire introduction to the only ‘Hey Look!’ reprint ever). And PS conducted a rare interview with animation director Vincent Waller talking about we came to produce the film.
Vincent Waller, director and sex symbol

Oh yeah, PS is also kicking off Spider-Man week in New York.

And here’s the CF episode with the entire Harvey cartoon:


Straight from the Fountain’s Pen! (The Channel Fred Interview with John Fountain)

April 4th, 2007


I’ve posted about Frederator Veteran John Fountain, before. Well, here’s an even better Posting!!!
John Fountain took some time to answer some Channel Frederator Qs early November 2006. Thanks for the Interview John!!!

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