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Conniving Pigs, Drinking, & Freakin’ Ghosts on Channel Frederator!

June 9th, 2009

We hear you, already! You like your pigs sneaky, your animators drunk, and your counties full of ghosts.

So we delivered!

And I don’t mean to brag, but this week’s episode is probably the best episode of all the episodes. Well, until next week’s episode. But for now, it’s the best.

“The Mystery of Pig City!”, submitted by Garth Jones - Featured at the International Children’s Film Festival, where the creators were asked thought provoking questions about the film from an audience of little kids like “What colors are the best?” and “What are sausages made of?”

“Drinking & Drawing NYC 2.0”, submitted by Drinking & Drawing - Over 100 animators + enough booze to waste over 100 animators = this film! Good times! From April *hiccup* 2008. Next one coming up in NYC on June 24th! Theme: Bikini Zombies.

“County Ghost #4”, submitted by Mike Geiger - The fourth installment in Mike [Read more…]

Get Spooky with Mike Geiger

February 19th, 2009

Mike Geiger
Mike Geiger

Uber-talented creator and animator of “County Ghost”, Mike Geiger, kicks it with Channel Frederator about skateboarding, top secret projects, and creepy stuff.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Mike Geiger: I took a 2 month animation course at Capilano College in North Vancouver, B.C. and then a 12 month 2D program at Vancouver Film School in Vancouver.

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