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“Earl Boone is Alive”, submitted by Tom DesLongchamp: A Channel Frederator Featured Film

February 27th, 2007

Episode 69

“The key to being a successful recording artist is…the smell…” This is a great short about a strange musician named Earl Boone. I asked Tom DesLongchamp about his process making this film, and some other questions that I thought were fun. If you don’t think they’re fun questions, well…then they don’t think you’re fun either.

MELISSA: Earl Boone is definitely a strange character, Tom. Explain how you came up with this idea.

TOM: Several years ago, my older brother gave me a Yamaha keyboard that he had lost interest in. I took it in and named it Abraham. It was loaded with over one hundred melodies that you could play along with, so I called up my friend Josh to assist me with a test drive. That was the evening that Earl Boone was born. The soul, funk, and R&B song presets transformed Josh‘s vocal cords into that of a 50 year [Read more…]