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Take a Lesson from Randy Gossman

February 20th, 2009


Animator, director, and teacher Randy Gossman shares his thoughts on animation education and his love/hate relationship with technology.

Channel Frederator: What have you learned about your craft through teaching and working with your students?

Randy Gossman: I’ve learned that it’s a cruel thing to force someone to do something they hate or can’t grasp, especially animation. I love it and have never considered it work when animating but if the student doesn’t fall in love with the medium then it’s time to consider another career.

CF: You received your MFA in ‘07. Why is it important to you to continue your education?

RG: If you don’t keep challenging yourself and breaking out of your normal ability then you’ll simply never grow in your craft. I find that this comes from more real-world experience and less from what you get out of the classroom. Funny thing is I was just getting my MFA so I could keep teaching [Read more…]

Get Spooky with Mike Geiger

February 19th, 2009

Mike Geiger
Mike Geiger

Uber-talented creator and animator of “County Ghost”, Mike Geiger, kicks it with Channel Frederator about skateboarding, top secret projects, and creepy stuff.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Mike Geiger: I took a 2 month animation course at Capilano College in North Vancouver, B.C. and then a 12 month 2D program at Vancouver Film School in Vancouver.

[Read more…]

Goldfish! Ghosts! Gossman!

February 17th, 2009

This week’s episode is all about Mother Nature, animals, and electro. Well, not all about electro, but it’s in there, lucky for you! All three films are dialogue free, animal heavy, and awesome.

Goldfish - Soundtracks and Comebacks, submitted by Mike Scott. Colorful animated music video where a goldfish (as in the fish) struts his stuff to the sound of Goldfish (as in the band).

County Ghost: Episode 3, submitted by Mike Geiger. The Third installment in the hilarious and haunted adventures of the county ghost. Cows! Cats! Ghosts! Boo!

Shutterbird, submitted by Randy Gossman. A camera-hogging hummingbird gets in the in the way… of… first-prize photography.

And don’t forget our 2-second St Patty’s Day Animation Contest! Submit your 2-second cartoons of Anything Saint Patty’s Day Related by March 6th and you could win a Nintendo DS! More info is available at our contest page!

– Bailee DesRocher