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Saving the World with Dano Johnson

February 25th, 2009

The Insur-Animals’ DeductiBear

Dano Johnson and his crew at Collection Agency Films are using their superpowers for good. Finally, a group of animators who aren’t bent on world domination.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Dano Johnson: I studied filmmaking at the University of Texas at Austin, but I didn’t teach myself animation until several years later. I just realized I could make characters come to life in After Effects and a few years later I was starting Collection Agency Films with my business partner Troy Campbell.

CF: Who or what has inspired your work the most?

DJ: Jim Henson and the Muppets are probably the biggest influence on my sense of humor and work. I probably started animating because I wasn’t as good at puppeteering as I’d like to have been.

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Channel Frederator Feels Your Pain

February 24th, 2009

Times are tough. We get that. But has a bird ever eaten your family? Did you ever break your leg in half only to find that animal-headed insurance reps won’t help you out? Have you ever been a ghost who put off enjoying the afterlife so you could haul your own body all the way across down to return a late DVD?

I should hope not.

That’s why this week’s episode features films that show you just how good you’ve got it!

“Eating Like a Bird”, submitted by Curtis Carey – Prey strikes back at predator in this hilarious depiction of one little bird’s lunch gone awry.

“Insur-Animals”, submitted by Dano Johnson – What happens when a mediocre health insurance agency crashes into a train full of circus animals and a splash of atomic goodness? Deducta-Bear, Co-Pay Cobra, and Premiums Porcupine have the answer.

“Late Return”, submitted by Daniel Luke – One unlucky dude tries to return his [Read more…]