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Give Handcrafted Goodness from Nan Lawson

December 18th, 2009


I’ve had the great pleasure of watching LA based artist Nan Lawson’s artwork grow from shy water-color illustrations to beautiful pen and ink drawings, color prints, and photography over the course of the year. With her Etsy store selling more of her work than ever, you should give it a browse and snatch up as much of her art as you can! I’ve seen white elephant gift exchanges get very ugly as participants clamor for her pretty prints…

CF: Where (if at all) did you study art/design?

Nan Lawson: I took a figure drawing class when I was in college, does that count? I have a degree in film from Syracuse University, so I was never formally trained as an illustrator. I’ve been drawing my entire life, I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t have some kind of sketchbook lying around.

CF: What or who influences your style the most?

NL: I find I am [Read more…]

“Also” Worth Checking Out…

June 10th, 2008

I recently came across this animated guide to buying and selling on Etsy, the endless e-commerce site where you can joyously bypass malls and chain stores to buy unique crafts and gifts—everything from a picture of a terrier plunging a toilet to a naturally-shed deer antler pen.

The spot was made by Also, a mini-collective of three very talented people: Jenny Volvovski (design), Julia Rothman (illustration), and Matt Lamothe (animation). Lamothe did the Etsy spot, and his other web design projects are definitely worth perusing for their innovative and elaborate incorporation of animation. I love the one for The Busy Beaver Button Company—I have never enjoyed navigating a shopping site more! Another nice place to perch is at the animated home page of kids’ clothing site Enfant Terrible.

And speaking of Etsy, here’s an extremely low-tech and silly stop motion adventure from Etsy seller Absolutely Small.

Anne D. Bernstein