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“Distraxion” with Dreamworks’ Mike Stern

May 3rd, 2010


This week’s Channel Frederator film “Distraxion” comes to us from Mike Stern, who is currently working at Dreamworks Animation and is an instructor at and was kind enough to do a quick interview.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Mike Stern: I went to NYU to study digital imaging and design. This is where I got my start in general 3D. Towards the end of my studies there I decided to specialize in animation. As luck would have it AnimationMentor was just opening its doors and I signed up to be part of their first class.

CF: Who are your favorite artists?

MS: Right now hanging up around my cube I’ve got some work by Hylton Warburton and Yoshitomo Nara.

CF: What gave you the idea for “Distraxion”?

MS: The idea actually came from a real life experience. Some co-workers and I went to lunch at an outdoor restaurant and we were seated right next to these [Read more…]

“Juiced and Jazzed” with Justin Weber

August 28th, 2009


Justin Weber
’s swingin’ flick “Juiced and Jazzed” is a hit on the festival circuit and the web. Grab a flask of your favorite hooch and read on!

Channel Frederator: Why did you choose a female protagonist? Gentlemen can be led astray too - am I right fellas?

Justin Weber: I think I always had a female character in mind for the cartoon. I was using the Charleston music and going with the 1920s prohibition theme, and that naturally led me towards the iconic flapper girl character. Lulu is very much inspired by Betty Boop. Also, I had been wanting to do a short that featured a female character.

CF: What was your favorite part about making the film?

JW: Coming up with all of the different story ideas and actions to fit with the music. It all started with the music, and I let the ideas flow from there. Once I got into animation, I was having [Read more…]

Channel Frederator is Jazzed!

August 25th, 2009

We’ve got two radical ‘toons this week, featuring booze, jazz, and journeys. Don’t Stop Believin’, Frederator fans! Okay, it’s not that kind of Journey. It’s better. You also get to determine Fredbot’s musical fate!

Leave lots of comments. And by comments I mean presents.

“Juiced and Jazzed”, submitted by Justin Weber - An award winning, swanky, super stylized trip to the 1920’s.

“Body”, submitted by Zhivko - A trippy journey employing multiple animation techniques. And also, it’s rad.

WARNING: Channel Frederator is rated EXPLICIT. Man is it *bleepin’* hot out or what?! Oops. Sorry. Some content on CF is pretty grown up. If you’re under 18, get your parent’s permission prior to viewing.

-Bailee DesRocher