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“Kid Show” with Tom DesLongchamp

November 19th, 2009


Tom DesLongchamp’s short film “Kid Show” is an homage to the wonders of being a kid and his nostalgia for VHS mix-tapes. Here, he gives more insight into the process of developing the film and its characters - plus, he reveals his superpowers.

What gave you the idea for “Kid Show”?

Well, the short answer is that I very much enjoyed childhood, and I was very fond of the childrens shows I grew up with (Mr. Dress up, Fred Penner’s Place, Mr. Rogers, etc.) The detailed answer is that my mother used to record those shows, as well as whatever cartoons were on TV, onto VHS compilations. There were two main tapes that I watched over and over again. They were titled “Kid Shows I” and “Kid Shows II.” These tapes were beautiful collages of stories, commercial blips, out of context scenes, static washes, and silent visuals.

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Joel Trussell in the House! Again!

March 5th, 2009


Animator/director Joel Trussell graces us with more of his music video magic in Kid 606’s “The Illness”. Here he talks about the video’s concept, music, and what advice he’d give to his younger self.

Channel Frederator: How did you develop the concept for this music video?

Joel Trussell: Style-wise, I had recently worked on a project for Napster under the direction of design genius Geoff McFetridge. He was using a minimal style that concentrated on bold design and limited color palette that allowed the animation to stay economical but the visuals to stay fresh and engaging. Considering my limitations for this video (budget and time-wise) I thought I’d give a stab to a similar approach.

Concept-wise I borrowed pretty heavily from Indiana Jones, didn’t I? Using that as a foundation I tried to form a little loose narrative around audio cues I was drawn to in the track and keep the conflict escalating.

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Channel Frederator is Music to Your Ears!

March 3rd, 2009

This week’s episode features three music videos by three crazy talented animators. That means there’s gonna be a lot of music and a little boogieing down. We recommend you stretch, wear comfortable clothing, and prepare to shake it. Are you ready?

Take Me, submitted by Anton Bogaty – A grizzled boxer battles inner demons – and mobsters – in this music video for the Portland based band Weight of Atlas.

She Farted and Created the World, submitted by Scott Coello – Pretty self explanatory. A bit of puppy flatulence creates the universe. Featuring music by Son of Robot - the film’s animator/creator, Scott Coello!

Kid 606 – The Illness, submitted by Joel Trussell – Slick animated music vid by one of our favorite animators!

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Joel Trussell in the House

February 25th, 2009

Joel Trussell and Bailee DesRocher

Here’s Channel Frederator’s Bailee DesRocher with world-famous animator/filmmaker/Knoxville resident/Channel Frederator Award-winner Joel Trussell. Joel’s in town for tonight’s PSST!3 screening in Beverly Hills. Thanks for stopping by, Joel.

– Eric

Congrats to Joel!

January 29th, 2009


Joel Trussell has been a long-time contributor to Channel Frederator. In fact, Joel’s film War Photographer was in the second episode to ever air! Every time we show one of his shorts we get a great response. This month, you guys really did your duty!

Joel’s animated music video for Morcheeba’s “Enjoy the Ride” is the winner of our January Cartoon of the Month prize, which means that out of all of the cartoons to run in December, you guys voted his the very best. Because of you, Joel will receive a totally awesome $100 prize pack of extra special Cartoon of the Month Channel Frederator merchandise.

I asked Joel a few questions about the making of the video. Check it out after the jump, and don’t forget to get voting on next month’s Cartoon of the Month! [Read more…]

Joel Trussell Enjoys the Ride

January 2nd, 2009

Joel Trussell
Joel Trussell

Multi-talented animator, director, and Frederator friend Joel Trussell chats with us about gallery shows, painting vs. animation, and of course, zombies.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Joel Trussell: I was pretty clueless how to chase down a career in animation, so I just went to my state’s university and earned a degree in fine art with a drawing concentration. However, when I moved into my junior and senior year of college I would turn in animated short films instead of drawings. After graduating I moved to Seattle and took a traditional class through the University of Washington’s Experimental College, but I guess I’d say most of my animation training came through just doing it rather than formal instruction.

CF: What or who has influenced your work the most?

JT: It’s hard to narrow down influences much since there are several different chapters of inspiration. When I was young it was Warner Bros and Hanna-Barbera [Read more…]

Stewie and the City

August 4th, 2008


The Paley Center in New York City (probably still known to many of you as The Museum of Television and Radio) has just opened an exhibit of artwork based upon the animated series Family Guy. It’s a Freakin Art Show opened Friday, August 1st, and runs through September 7. The roster of 21 artists includes animators Joel Trussell and Joe Vaux.

The suave Stewie above is by Kathie Olivas.

(A West Coast version of the show (“What The Deuce Are You Staring At!?!”) appeared at Los Angeles Paley Center back in 2006, so this is an encore for Easterners.)

The artwork was commissioned by Fox, making it a clear commercial tie-in , but worth seeing nonetheless. (Not surprisingly, you can buy giclée prints here.)

After the jump, a bonus music video for Morcheeba, directed by Joe Trussell. Just because I like it.

Anne D. Bernstein

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Joel Trussell, The Pride Of Knoxville

June 5th, 2008

Joel Trussell and his Two Channel Frederator Certificates

It’s no secret making awesome Flash cartoons will develop your physique like nobody’s business, as filmmaker Joel Trussell proves in this photo. Go, Joel! Here he is with two Channel Frederator certificates for jobs well done, for “Float (My Electric Stargirl)” and “War Photographer” (we owe him a third for “Paris is On”). The latter won Best Music Video and Producers’ Choice prizes at the first-ever Channel Frederator Awards. Thank for the picture, Joel. A pair athletic socks is in the mail.

– Eric