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New Walt Disney Museum in San Francisco

May 17th, 2009


The Los Angeles Times is reporting  that a new museum will open in the Presidio of San Francisco. The museum will focus on Walt Disney the person over Walt Disney the company and corporate entity.

Diane Disney Miller says “My father’s name is probably one of the most well-known names around the world, but as the ‘brand’ or trademark has spread, for many, the man has become lost.”

The Disney Family Museum website  says the museum will be opening in the Fall of 2009. You can check back with them for updates.

Based on what I have seen so far, the museum should be a pretty nice visit.

-Floyd Bishop

S’No White

January 12th, 2009


Let her down easy. It’s not like she knew that gals don’t do “creative work”. An interesting item, not from official Disney vaults. Cool stationery, I will give them points for that! From Sim Sandwich’s photostream on Flickr. His grandmother is the Mary V. Ford who didn’t get a job. Thanks to the Rocketboom blog for making me aware of this.

Anne D. Bernstein

Happy Birthday Mark Twain

December 1st, 2008

Mark Twain was born on this day (November 30th) in 1835. Born Samuel Langhorne Clemens,Mark Twain went on to write and inspire generations of artists.

The above clip is from the 1985 film The Adventures of Mark Twain, created by Will Vinton. Chuck Jones is another of animation’s Mark Twain fans.

Chuck Jones segment on Mark Twain and his inspiration for Wile E Coyote

Perhaps the biggest Mark Twain fan in animation was Walt Disney, who created a steam boat in his honor, which circles Tom Sawyer Island in Disneyland.

-Floyd Bishop

Disney Furniture

November 16th, 2008

disney furniture

Drexel Heritage has a new line of furniture this year, inspired by the classic Walt Disney Studio. It’s a bit pricey (the desk alone will cost you over $3,000), but if you are a fan of classic Disney, and need to outfit your home or office, you might be interested.

I think they matched the look pretty well, tigers not included.

-Floyd Bishop

Have an Egg-cellent Holiday Weekend!

August 28th, 2008

In honor of Labor Day, enjoy this early Disney cartoon, “Alice’s Egg Plant”—from the Alice series, natch! The portrayal of Little Red Henski (a Communist Rooster set on unionizing the factory) is extra amusing, considering Walt’s later run-in with the Cartoonists Strike of 1941.

Anne D. Bernstein