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Channel Frederator Featured Spotlight on Zac Moncrief

July 19th, 2007


I wish I had a story or two about Zac Moncrief to share with you all, but I didn’t really attend his classes while he taught at Calarts. But what I can share with you was how I felt about him, his teaching methods, when I did crash a class or two of his.

Zac is a very funny person, and was a very sharing and encouraging teacher. It’s to bad he’s not teaching at Calarts still, because the kids there need people like Zac.

Zac, himself, attended Calarts and obtained an internship on the animated film, The Pagemaster. Soon after he moved into the role of assistant animator on Cats Don’t Dance. During his time on Cats Don’t Dance, Fred Seibert (who’s that guy?) had bought a pilot from Zac entitled, Godfrey and Zeek, for the Hanna-Barbera What-A-Cartoon Series.

Zac then found himself doing work on another HB series, Johnny Bravo in the story department.
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Miles Thompson/pt.1

October 23rd, 2006


Miles Thompson is a Frederator Alum who made a successful jump from the Animation Industry into the world of Art.
In between freelancing and painting like a madman, he took the time to give us a few A’s to a few CH.FRED Q’s.

CH.F: Where were you born?
MT: 1971, on a naval base in Pennsicola, Fl - being that my folks were Ca natives, I was legally born as such - my dad was stationed there for only 4 months after my birthday - then we moved back to Sherman Oaks, Ca and then on into the ugly Republican community of the OC.
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“Milk Dreams” by ‘Pat’ Ventura: Channel Frederator Featured Film

September 28th, 2006

Channel Frederator, Episode 49

‘Pat’ Ventura has been one of my cherished cartoon companions since I got into the business in 1992. He was on my Hanna-Barbera Cartoons staff writing for Joe Barbera’s Tom & Jerry Kids Show when John Kricfalusi introduced us and suggested I talk to Pat about a revival of Screwball Squirrel. Pat went on to be the first creator I made shorts with and was the person responsible for convincing me that in cartoons “short” meant “7 minutes” (I wanted to make them three minutes!).

After a great re-invention of Tex Avery’s George & Jr, his original Yucky Duck and Sledgehammer O’Possum (which got me in a bunch of trouble), Pat came over with us to Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Soon you’ll be hearing about his Random! Cartoons short.

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