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Animators in Ottawa

September 22nd, 2008

I’m back from the Ottawa Animation Festival, and I already feel like booking my flight for next year. It was so fun! I have the same elated feeling that I had returning from last year’s Platform Festival. There’s just something about being immersed in an environment of fellow animators and sharing hundreds of hours of the world’s greatest cartoons that makes you feel really positive and inspired.

Some general observations about animators.

  •  Animators are really nice and down to earth. They can only get so famous. Unlike Hollywood directors or rock stars, they rarely are arrogant jerks who won’t associate with up-and-comers. Even the most legendary icons of animation like Richard Williams were kicking back and echanging business cards with students. I talked to some heroes of mine and within moments I realized that they are just regular dudes. The egos don’t get too big in animation, I guess.
  • Animators love to dance. And they can tell you how many frames per second they are dancing on.
  • Animators don’t get tired of watching cartoons. After 5 days straight, people were still filling up the theaters.
  • Animators are everywhere. I met directors and saw films from every continent this past week.
  • Animators almost always grow beards by their later years.
  • Animators stay in touch with their inner child forever.

After this past week I’m very into the whole animation communty feeling, so I’ll be attending the ASIFA East screening tomorrow night. Hope to see you there!

More posts about Ottawa to come.

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