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We Were The Meth Minute

June 19th, 2008

Back when you were all watching episode the 9th or 10th episode of the Meth Minute, I was already planning episode 39. I knew it had to be epic, touching, and also something that included every character. The 80’s all-star charity video “We Are The World” seemed like a great format for such an episode. Since we started this with a song, I figured we ought to go out with one too.picture-8.png

My friend Scott Zillitto (the voice of James Brown in Sex Machine) seemed like the right man to help compose such a song. He’s a talented musician and a fellow connoisseur of 80’s cheese tunes. He came over one night and we sat at my kitchen table with a Casio and wrote “We Were The Meth Minute”.

Mind you, this is months before the the series was ending, so I had plenty of time to record each cast member [Read more…]

Meth Minute is … Complete!?

June 17th, 2008

Meth Minute Look BackWow, less than an hour ago I finished the last episode of the Meth Minute 39. It airs Thursday and it’s touchingly climactic as any series finale should be. As you can imagine, working on two series at the same time can be a bit hectic, and my blogging has suffered lately, but now I’m back. There’s alot to write about and I’ll get to it all, even the stuff I missed before. Onward into the future.

Meth Minute Music Monday: P-Cok

May 23rd, 2008

The song “P-Cok” from the cartoon of the same name turned out to be a surprise hit. Download it right now, playa.