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Drinking and Drawing

All Drawn Out

June 26th, 2009

Elliot Cowan and James Sugrue kick off the drawing
I’m still recovering from the night of mayhem that was our latest New York City Drinking & Drawing event. It was truly a blast. We had such a great turn out and people really seemed to have fun. I had such a great time organizing it too!

We had loads going on at the Binkini Zombie Drinking & Drawing . Not only were we doing rounds at the drawing tables, but we also had paper and crayons, giant draw-on banners and draw-on Wubbzy figurines. I know, I know! It’s all so exciting! Don’t worry. I’m going to have lots of pictures to share with you guys, so you won’t miss out on the fun.


We’re cranking away at getting the final picture together, and of course, you’ll see it here first. Count on seeing it mid-week next week, but I’m also trying to get some previews together this weekend. Also check into for oodles of pictures.

Anyway, recovered or not, there are a few people that should be acknowledged for helping make the night such a success:

• Kevin Karp for help setting up and tirelessly distributing postcards to promote the event.
• Zoraida Paulino-Nin for helping set up
• Andres Palmiter for his photographic skills
• Jared Roessler for his photographic skills and helping clean up after the event
• M1-5 for being such a great host
• Elliot Cowan for the awesome poster
• Our wonderful interns Kelsey Field and George DeCherney who were at our beck and call all night
• And of course Fred Seibert for giving us the resources to hold such a fun event

And lastly, I have to thank everyone who showed up! You guys are the ones that make the event so much fun!

Check back for more photos, videos and fun stuff.

- Carrie

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