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Dr. Froyd's Funny Farm

So Long From Some Colorful Characters

April 28th, 2006


Jaime, Billll, Dr. Froyd, Nurse Duckett, Lulu Raging Bullfrog, Bossy LeCow and the entire over-population of Dr. Froyd’s Funny Farm bid you all fondue. We’ll be checking in periodically from remote locations like Altadena and Studio City, but you won’t have us to kick around the studio anymore…at least until the next time. Which we hope will be soon. We LIKE being kicked around.

Jaime’s Bio

April 27th, 2006


Being this is our next to last day here, Jaime wants you all to know what the heck he’s been doing all these years. So here goes:
Jaime Diaz was in the animation business since Walt Disney was alive. When he saw Dumb-Hounded, directed by Tex Avery, in his native Argentina, Jaime wondered where Hollywood was–back then google was not available. So, he made a long trip north and by the strange circumstances of life he landed in front of…Tex Avery! Tex gave him a job on Cascade Films of California in Hollywood. Friz Freling gave him his chance to do his first piece of animation, and Bob McKimson put him in as a layout artist at WB for Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales. He went on to work at virtually every animation house in LA. He worked elbow to elbow with Don Bluth at Filmation and on the breaks they [Read more…]

You Want Mouths? You Got Mouths!

April 26th, 2006

[Read more…]

The Dark Nurse

April 24th, 2006


Hoo boy–this is what nasty Nurse Duckett looks like first thing in the morning. And you should see her mouth chart! It’s enough to givve you nightmares! Jaime and I are coming down the home stretch of our time here at the studio and all the art is coming in. We’ll put some more up on Wednesday. This just keeps getting funner!
More soon come

You are Getting Very Silly

April 14th, 2006


Stare into this thing Jaime forced Dan to draw. You are getting silly, silllllyyyyyyy….you believe you are a giraffe who is afraid of heights…you want to spend an afternoon in the tofu tub…you are a candidate to check into…Doctor…Froyd’s…Funny…….Farrrrrrmmm…
(Coming Soon to a TV screen near you)

The Scene Is Set

April 11th, 2006


Jaime grabbed me by the ear (figuratively) and dragged me into his office this morning to see this lovely painting by Dan Chessher: Dawn at Dr. Froyd’s Funny Farm. Ain’t it gawjus? Makes you want to go out and do some doga at yawn in the topiary garden. Which is what Dr. Froyd is doing right now…in the painting I mean. The sun is rising on our picture too, and it looks like a beautiful day ahead! Thanks Dan!

Jaime Can’t Stop Drawing!!

March 21st, 2006


Look at all the Froyds! The world’s greatest Animal Pyschiatrist has really inspired Jaime Diaz, but he’s not the only one. In coming posts we’ll give you a peek (peak?) at the many Lulu Lovecrafts, Nurse Ducketts, Raging Bullfrogs and Bossy LeCows that Jaime keeps drawing and drawing and drawing. Don’t ever stop, pardner!
See you all soon

New Post

March 16th, 2006


Oh! I forgot to mention that the color is by the fabulous Dan Chessher. Here’s another example of Dan’s brilliance. Yah, mon!

Dr. Froyd is Coming!

March 16th, 2006


Have you ever seen anything so yellow?! Jaime did up our sub main title cards and this is the third one, where the director credit will go. Boing-oing-oing-oing! I love it. I love everything Jaime does (well, almost.)
We had an amazing record last week with Candi and Charlie and Robert and Nikka, and this week we put our animatic together. It’s wooly trunderful how it’s all coming together. I am so not pisadointed.
More soon!

The Triangle is ringing

March 1st, 2006


Dr. Floyd Froyd’s got a lot on his hands, with Lulu Lovecraft and Nurse Debbie Duckett competing for his affections. Luckily for him, he’s oblivious!
Meanwhile Jaime and I are getting geared up for our record next week with a dream cast coming in…Candi Milo, Robert Cait, Nikka Futterman and the indefatigable Charlie Adler as Bossy LeCow. Preeezactly!