Frederator\’s and Nickelodeon\’s first original CG TV series.


Fanboy and Chum Chum

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August 25th, 2006


Yes tis I! Your pal Eric again with a special little thanks to the artists who are making me look good with all the great work they have done on Fanboy. From left to right we have Chad Woods (BG and Prop Colorist). Chad, thanks for working all those late nights, the stuff looks great! Caesar Martinez (BG designer) Caesar’s work is so sharp you might just cut yourself looking at it. That’s me (Eric) in the center. Eric thanks for being born I could not do it with out me. Shaun Cashman (Director) One of the nicest and most talented directors I know. The best is yet to come Shaun. And dare I say the bad ass (Board Artist) himself Andy Kelly. If you don’t know Andy’s work, Please do yourself a favor and get schooled! I’d also like to mention Amber Lee Hardin (Prop Designer) Amber your work [Read more…]

Holy ChumMania!

August 2nd, 2006


Hello all! Yes Tis I! Your pal Eric here with some more Fanboy goodies. Last time I put up a Fanboy before and after so naturally it makes sense to put up his loyal companion “Chum Chum”. Well the first model that was done in CG was Fanboy and it was a bit tough but thank God I had Eric Shveima on my side to build these guys and keep that cool look to them. Fanboy went through a few revisions till we got him right but the second time around when we were to build Chum Chum I figured that the best way for me to show Eric exactly what I wanted was to sculpt the figure with clay so he could have all the information in front of him. So I went ahead and built a maquette of Chum Chum. I had a fun time with this guy [Read more…]