Frederator\’s and Nickelodeon\’s first original CG TV series.


Fanboy and Chum Chum


March 23rd, 2007


Hello all! Well check out Chum Chum’s new colors. After many days of playing with colors, Lee Nelson and I came up with this one that I finally liked. The guys at RedEye are hard at work with the re-rendering of Chum Chum while I wait and wait and wait. I think they should be done by next week. I hope! Then this baby is done and maybe it might make it to next months screening at Nick. That’s all for now.


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Looks great Eric! Now about that iceman guy, post up a small clip!! :D


Dude! the quality looks sick. When is this going to air?


I’m not sure Paul we don’t have an air date as of yet. Best, Robles


I think the new colors work well enough. Good luck with the renders. I hope to be at the next screening (since we’ll be on the correct coast), so maybe I’ll see you there.


Hey Thanks Floyd,
Make sure to say hi!


hey Fanboy Robles!
These colors are real boss baby!!!
I’m diggin the way they work on the BG.
You and Lee did an awesome job!!!
Take care Eric Man.
Talk soooooon!!!!!
Your Number One Fan……..Jeff


Jeff I think we might be tied for the number one fan thing ;)


Thanks Jeff and thanks for the drawings! I love them!


Hey Stephen Man!!!
I think you are correctomundo!!!
All number one fans can’t be bad. LOL!!!
Take care buddy and take care Eric!
Steve; let’s chat off line next week. Cool?
Your Cartoon Pal…..Jeff

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