Frederator\’s and Nickelodeon\’s first original CG TV series.


Fanboy and Chum Chum

Thanks to Everyone

November 6th, 2009

Credits Background
Credits background by Steve Lambe and Chad Woods

Okay. So it’s taken very many people working very hard for a very long time to make Fanboy and Chum Chum. With the premiere just hours away, here’s the list of the men and women who - from Burbank to New York City to India to Taiwan - took part in bringing tonight’s first half-hour of Fanboy to Nickelodeon. A big hats off to all those involved for a job very well done. — Eric

Executive Producer
Fred Seibert

Executive Producer
Steve Tompkins

Created By and
Co-Executive Producer
Eric Robles


Written By
Steve Tompkins

Storyboard By
Andy Kelly

Directed By
Jim Schumann

“Trading Day”

Written By
Scott Kreamer

Storyboard By
Niki Yang

Directed By
Brian Sheesley

Supervising Producer
Shaun Cashman

Animation Producer
Therese Trujillo

Animation Producer
Dean Hoff

CG Supervisor
Russ T

CG Supervising Producer
Jason Meier

Animation Supervisor
Martin Leeper

Lighting and Compositing Supervisor
James Davidson

Texture Supervisor
Angela Frame

FX Supervisor
Matt Cawood

Supervising Animator
Michael Franceschi

Production Manager
MacGregor Middleton

CG Production Managers
Kimberly Madore
Blanca Uribe
Sonya Park

Manager Of Digital Production
Eric Swanborg

Production Coordinators
Mani Beil
Kellie Smith

Script Coordinator
Michael Caine

CG Production Coordinators
Danielle Digrado
Ken F. Boyer
Michal Wright-Ward
Ian Murray

Senior Production Assistant
Alan Chow

CG Senior Production Assistant
Eileen Flores

CG Production Assistants
Shondalia White
Andrew Golden
Dan Garza
Mercedes Dominguez
Madalynn Rose Sadeghian

Executive Assistant
Mairghread Scott

Production Intern
Lauryn Orozco

Fanboy - David Hornsby
Chum Chum - Nika Futterman
Mr. Mufflin - Jeff Bennett
Kyle - Jamie Kennedy

“Trading Day”
Fanboy - David Hornsby
Chum Chum - Nika Futterman
Mecha-Tech - Dee Bradley Baker
Yo - Dyana Liu
Boy, Girl - Annie Mumolo
Mr. Mufflin, TV Announcer - Jeff Bennett
Oz - Josh Duhamel

Voice Director
Ginny McSwain

VP of Animation Casting
Sarah Noonan, CSA

Casting Director
Meredith Layne, CSA

Casting Coordinator
Shannon Reed

Casting Assistant
Roxanne Escatel

Supervising Recording Engineer
Justin Brinsfield

Assistant Recording Engineer
Matt Corey

Dialogue Editor
Mishelle Fordham

Storyboard Revisionists
Stephanie Arnett
Octavio Rodriguez

Animatic Supervisor
Steve Downs

Animatic Editors
Adam Arnold
Hugo Morales

Art Director
Chad Woods

Character Designers
Eric Robles
Steve Lambe

Prop Design
Jeremiah Alcorn
Amber Leigh Hardin
Kyle Neswald

Character Color Designer
Christopher Near

Background Layout Designer
Caesar Martinez

Background Color Designers
Patrick Morgan
Muntasir Ali

Lead Technical Director
Ant Ward

Lead Modeler
Joe Alessandra

Lead Generalist
Joe Brogno

Senior Technical Directors
David Taegyu Kim
Jon Finch

Technical Directors
Joy Johnson
Jason Stockton
Nick Puetz
Waleed Boghosian

Senior Generalists
Pooneh Nasrollahnia
Alexander Rial

John Cahoon
Harry Sanchez
Steve Tarin
Seiji Tanaka
Ryan Monk

Senior Modelers
Sergio Lorenzo
Vypac Voeur

Andrew Bina
Dev Karna
Bailey Monty
Joe Dela Torre
Judith Ferrer
Stephanie Pate
Sam Wey
Emilie Austin
Organes Kharikian

Lead Shader Artist
Anthony Esposito

Lead Texture Artists
Roberto Jauregui
Sonserae Leese-Calver

Texture Artists
Brent Gordon
Candice Stephenson
Elyse Hartey
George Taylor
Eric Mattson
David Palmer
Frida Sahono Jozwik
Suk Choon Yoon
Susan Jones Harris
Bryan Johnson
Dan Della-Penna

Lead Lighting and Compositing Artists
Freddie Vaziri
Jim McLean

Lighting and Compositing Artists
Patrick Krebs
Christina Chiusano
Tobias White
Dan Haring

Lead FX Artist
Justin Andrews

FX Artists
Russell Richardson Jr.
Steve Moore

CG R & D Director
Alfredo Barcia

CG R & D Technical Director
Chris Karlberg

Erik Kling
Dennis Shelby

Asset Finalers
Tim Hogan
Jessica Brown
Jimmy Robles
Matt McCart

Animation Production Services For “Wizboy”
DQ Entertainment, Ltd. Hyderabad, India

DQE Executive Producer
Tapaas Chakravarti

DQE Vice President – Operations
Vishal Dudeja

DQE Assistant Vice President – Production
Srinivas Katta

DQE Group Production Manager
Prabhakar S.

DQE Production Manager
SP. Balasubramaniam

DQE Creative Head
Chandrasekaran G.

DQE Production Supervisor
Nagesh Babu.P.G.S.

DQE Animation Supervisors
Gaurishankar Behera
Michael Earnest
Ajesh T

Animation Production Services for “Trading Day”
CGCG Inc. Taipei, Taiwan

CGCG Executive In Charge of Production
Ivan Shih

CGCG Production Supervisor
Andy Tsao

CGCG Head of Production
Sareana Sun

CGCG Line Producer
Lucy Shih

CGCG Associate Producer
Meihsin Chen
Chih Min Chang

CGCG Production Assistant
Cheng Che Tsai

Supervising Picture Editor
Jeff Adams

Post Production Supervisor
Molly Minus

Director Of Post Production
Jason Stiff

Post Production Coordinator
Elizabeth Dee Edwards

Additional Post Production Services
Kimberly Bowman
Jonathan Hylander
C.J. Kinyon
J.F. Kinyon
Rohner Segnitz
Amy K. Wu

Music By
Brad Breeck

Main Title Theme Composed By
Brad Breeck

Main Title Theme Performed By
The Mae Shi

Post Production Sound Services
Oracle Post

Supervising Sound Editor
Paulette Lifton

Post Audio Supervisor
Jimmy Lifton

Sound Effects Design
Ian Nyeste

Sound Effects Editor
Lawrence Reyes

Foley Artist
Vincent Guisetti

Foley Editor
Matt Hall

Foley Mixer
Aran Tanchum

Re-Recording Mixers
DJ Lynch
Ian Nyeste

Post Production Services
CCI Digital

Telecine Colorist
Greg Kibler

For Frederator Studios:

Associate Producer
Eric Homan

Supervising Producer
Kevin Kolde

Special Thanks To
Cyma Zarghami
Brown Johnson
Alison Dexter
Mark Taylor
Roland Poindexter
Brian Casentini
Audrey Diehl

Executive In Charge For Nickelodeon
Megan Casey

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