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Happy 4Th of July!

June 30th, 2006


The other day I bought a tablet PC and this is my first endeavor to make some art with it. Lots of fun but hard to get the hang of too. Anyway Happy Independence Day to everyone!

Flavio’s The End Card

June 28th, 2006


A lil’ homage’ to Bugs Bunny

Flavio Title Card

June 27th, 2006


Flavio Fan Art!

June 26th, 2006


All the way from sunny Mexico my friend Alex has taken Flavio and Bossman and animated them in Flash! Really cool stuff!

Flavio record Edit? Outta here!

June 24th, 2006


Friday I editing my Flavio dialog with Michael Petak who I hit it off with right a way. Great guy in my book. Apparently he’s an extremely talented musician as well but that’s another story for another day.

For those who by chance might not know the whole process (that’d be almost no one who reads this blog) I will tell you what we do when we “Edit Dialog”… Ready?

Here goes:

First of course we record the dialog and we ask the actors to do multiple “takes”, tweaking the performance etc. to what we want or how we think it should sound to match the storyboard.

When that’s all done we get a really big “session” CD , (in other words just a bunch of dialog recordings that will open in a specific program with all the correct settings).

From there the sound editor; in this case the illustrious Mr. Petak, takes [Read more…]

Flavio Logo rough

June 23rd, 2006


So here is the first pass on the Flavio logo. I wanted something that reflected him and his inventions. I’m pretty happy about it as I have been wracking my brain on what to do.

The earlier concepts were like dried cow poop on the road and this is the first one I actually like. This will ultimately be my title card probably with a gradiated background behind it.

I haven’t decided whether it will be in full color or more monocrome like this is. Or is that duachrome? Ah anyway, there’s something kinda cool there with just the reds and the blacks but I am still undecided.

I haven’t figured out yet whether I want to paint it or do it flat like a cel.
If I did do choose to do it like a cel, I was even thinking of doing some small animation with it and have the gears turn [Read more…]

Flavio Invention #2324- The Pencilabra

June 23rd, 2006


Ever needed to sign multiple pages at one sitting? Sure you have!
What a terrible chore!
But wait!
Meet The Pencilabra!
So Many Uses:
*Year Book signings!
*Party Directions!
*Rave Fliers!
and many, many more!

Flavio Invention # 2906- The Mp3 Sunglasses

June 22nd, 2006


New from Flaviothon Industries!

It’s the Mp3 Sunglasses!

Listen to all your favorite tunes while you shield your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays!

Comes in 6 styles! Wicked, Stoner, Terminator, Aviator, Mama’s Boy and Fancy Pants!

Get yours NOW!

Only from Flaviothon Industries

Flavio Bgs

June 21st, 2006

An old friend Maurice Morgan is doing all the bgs for Flavio and he sent me the first batch today. I’m very happy with them so far. The color style will probably be a bit unique but for the basic layouts I wanted to just go with good solid bgs.


The Forget Aboutit Restaurant

[Read more…]

Flavio record? DONE!

June 19th, 2006


Well we’re all done with the recording now and let me tell you… the actors I picked did an incredible job! So funny! I am really satiifed with all my picks.

We got a great lady named Ginny McSwain to do the voice direction and she really seemd to be able to vocalize what I was looking for from the actors. Me? I would have said… “umm, do it, umm I dunno, more like… um, well, maybe if you do it …. um a different way.”

Ginny was great at vocalizing ways to change the emotional intent and little nuances to get the attitude we were looking for out of the actors. She was kind to me as well and supportive in my freshman effort of Voice Actor. She definitely had to break out the Acting 101 class book, and for that I am grateful.

As for me and my voice performance? Eh, [Read more…]