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A few more Flavio bgs

July 31st, 2006

Check these last few stragglers out!

Maurice did a fantastic job. these are the bgs that the runners I posted a few days ago will go on top of.

I like how the table cloth looks like that cheap plastic checkered one that you can buy for $4.50 at Target. Exactly the kind you’d find at the Ferget Aboutit Restaurant!

Only two more bgs after this and we’re all done!
Hard to believe!


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Flavio-Incidental characters PT. 2

July 28th, 2006

Here’s a few more of the runners at the end. There’s also the Mayor who has the only other speaking part in the film and was voiced by John Mariano who did a great Ed Wynn type voice. The kitty is my favorite as it is based on my wife.
At this point I’m pretty much done with color ( a few odds and ends to sweep up) and Maurice just handed me the last bit of BG color excpet for some rendered static bgs that he is going to paint traditionally which I should get next week some time.


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Flavio-Incidental characters

July 27th, 2006

There’s not many characters in my film until you come to very end where there is a marathon in my film. What was I thinking?!?!?
Anyway, live and learn… here’s a few of the runner’s from that sequence. As Flavio would say…“Lotsa more to follow, HO Yes! Lotsa more!


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Flavio Sheets? DONE!

July 26th, 2006

Well, I’m finally done with my exposure sheets! Whew! It was a lot more work than I anticipated! My friend Alex asked me a few days ago to post some more Exposure Sheets and seeing as how I ain’t gots nuthin’ else to post today, I figured I would do just that. If you hate looking at sheets or are an old hat at this kinda schtuff disregard this post because you probably already know all this. If you think it’s interesting read on!

As I said in my other post on Exposure Sheets, I like to add drawings that I missed on the board and I have to say that I missed a lot in Flavio’s board. I was surprised to see how long it took for him to say things. I guess it’s because of all the “a’s” after each word but I found I had scads of time to [Read more…]

Oh My! Even yet MORE Flavio bgs!

July 25th, 2006

Here’s a few more Flavio bgs. Sorry I haven’t posted lately but I am knee deep in finishing the film and I’ve only got two weeks left and there is tons more to do!


Flavio and Bossman at the entrance of the restaurant

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More Flavio bgs!

July 19th, 2006

I got a few new bgs in today from good ol’ Maurice! And I gotta say…I am extremely happy with them!

I have one note and I’m not really sure where I stand on it quite yet. I thought I’d ask you guys what you’re thoughts are.

On the first bg where we see the closeup of the door, there is a row of bumps across the glass which represents the shadow of the offscreen awning.

My thought is that perhaps the shadow should be more diffused and not so crisp, but then again will that work with the style of the bgs in general?
Hmmm, decisions… decisions. Anybody got an opinion?


CU of the Forget Aboutit Restaurant

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MORE Flavio board tweaks

July 17th, 2006


Well I’ve got 240 ft of my Exposure Sheets done now so there’s about 400ft to go. I should easily be able to make my deadline of Friday which is cool.

As I go along I have been adding tons of poses on both the board and the sheets as I notice a need. I’m kind of laughing at myself about it too because when I first did the storyboard I had thought there were a ton of good poses in there but once the dialog was recorded and I listened to it, I sat there staring at how loooong Flavio talks (which is indicitve to my own motor mouth) I am finding that I need quite a bit more to get the Italian acting just right.

Anyway, here’s another page of tweaks as I have not had time to create yet ‘another’ invention of Flavio’s. Besides, I suspect a [Read more…]

Flavio X-Sheets!

July 14th, 2006

Well today marks the day I am officially starting my X-Sheets for Flavio and I have a goal of about a hundred feet (of film) per day to crank out which should be easy enough as in some freelance jobs I have had to do over 200 ft a day.

For those few uninitiated, the X-Sheets or Exposure Sheets are the process whereby the entire film’s soundtrack is broken down and written phonetically on big 11X17 sheets of paper.

Then the Animation director (in this case me…) transposes all the storyboard poses to the sheets adding nuances and details such as blinks and head bobs as well as adding any poses that the storyboard artist forgot to add or didn’t realize how much time it took to say a line.

If you look closely you will see a few abbreviations on the sheets such as HP which stands for Hold Pose, [Read more…]

Flavio color lineup

July 13th, 2006


This is of course not final until Mr. Huber looks it over but for now these are my choices. Whatchuthink?

Flavio-Early Designs

July 12th, 2006


With Manny and Alan posting about early designs of Bronk and Bongo, I thought I may as well show early designs of Flavio. The hippo and gorilla and bear at the bottom right were early designs of Flavio’s boss Bossman and the stork-like bird was an early version of the chef of the restaurant Mr. Frank.

I think I ended up with the best designs in the end… What do you think?
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