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The Making of the Flavio Toy

September 20th, 2006


First off thank you for all the wonderful comments on my Flavio toy! I really appreciate them all!

Some of you were wondering how I made my Flavio Bendanimal and suggested that I show you a bit more about the process… so here goes.

Above is some of the materials I used to make this and other Bendanimals.

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Flavio Toy

September 19th, 2006


I guess I got a lil’ too much time on my hands and when that happens I start to make stuff. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s a cartoon and sometimes I make toys.

For lack of something better to do, and inspired by Eric Robles’ maquette, I decided to make a Flavio toy just for the heck of it.

As we really didn’t have a lot of money growing up, my mom showed me a way to make my own toys. I have made quite a few of these over the years and I call them Bendanimals.

As you can see Flavio is more or less poseable due to the armature inside him. He’s sort of a crossbreed between a stuffed animal and a bendable toy.

I hope you like it!

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Flavio Invention #3222-Glowkeys

September 10th, 2006


Ever fumbled for your keys in the night trying to get into your apartment?
Not too easy huh?

Try the new GlowKey!
Emits a lighted radius of 2 feet!
Available wherever keys are cut!

only from Flaviothon Industries

Flavio Invention # 3121 The Pallet Plate

September 7th, 2006


Need your hand free to shake hands and shmooze investors at the next big shindig but you still want to be able to snack and have a drink?
Hand getting tired from holding that plate of food?

Look no further than:
The Pallet Plate
Eat your snacks AND shake hands like a pro!
Leonardo DaVinci would WANT you to have one of these! Trust me!

Only from Flaviothon Industries!

*Note: Does not work well with soup.

Flavio Invention #2394-The Glove Phone

September 6th, 2006


Call your honey in style!

The Glove Phone

only from Flaviothon Industries

Happy Labor Day!

September 4th, 2006

Flavio wanted to honor Labor Day today with a special invention!
The Portable Marshmallow Cooker!
I hope your Labor Day is as good as his!