Flavio Invention #2367-The Portable Washing Machine

January 12th, 2007


Now you can wash clothes even when you’re on the road!

Simply place your soiled items in the plastic container and add a quart of water and a tablespoon of soap.

Now just wrap the convenient bungie cords around two trees, pull back and let go!
The Portable Washing Machine will do the rest, rapidly washing your clothes clean!

Only from Flaviothon Industries

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funny invention, how portable can it be tho, you have to tie it to 2 trees lol. Also, what happens if the ropes break and you accidently fly your clothes into outer-space!! :O


Ciao Stephen! Itsa very portable. There’s trees everywhere! Anna they notta ropes they bungie cords! Super springy! They no break in a meellion years!


wow you really think ahead of the game! youre one smart guy Flavio!


I always thinkin’ Stephen! Always thinkin’!

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