a bit more on Flavio’s new voice

January 14th, 2007


As requested, here’s a clip of Rob Paulsen as Flavio

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haha thats awesome!! I even heard him talking about putting bossman on the bad guy list! I thought you just made that up for the blog, nice man!


That was stunning!
I could so see the little blue face Flavio bouncing around my TV screen. Excellent stuff!!
WTG Guys!


Thanks Jeff! I could see Flavio bouncing around Nickelodeon’s TV channel as well! I guess we’ll see what happens eventually… It’s been a dream of mine for the last 12 years!


great! Go Flavio Flav!


Hey Jeaux, whaddya kneaux! Thanks man!


Mike, it’s been ages. This sounds great! Such a rich history in Rob’s voice! It really lends itself to your character. I’ll be out in LA at the end of the month to take care of some final details with B&B, maybe I’ll see you around. Can’t wait to see the final FLAVIO! Best wishes.


Hey Manny! Happy New Year! I was wondering where you went to? I thought you slid off the earth! LOL… Yeah you might catch me at Nick. Although I don’t haunt those halls these days, I sometimes pop in for some Flavio stuff. Send me an email and we’ll chat about schtuff!


Cool Mike! Sounds like Fun! Mmmmmmmmm Pasta on a stick!


Hey yo Eric! Pasta ON A STICK!


hehe that made me laugh :3


Glad I coulda makea you laugh Tak!

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