Flavio’s voice

January 14th, 2007


So after many weeks of contemplation, and much gnashing of teeth… I have decided not to do Flavio’s voice and instead to go with a professional who will bring something that only a true pro can do. Good acting! I am delighted to Say that I am fortunate enough to get Emmy Award winning actor Rob Paulsen!It’s not that I didn’t like my voice because I think it was good enough but in the end I believe thatjust ” good enough” wasn’t going to cut it. No, I needed to “knock it out of the park!”and when I heard Rob’s voice I instantly knew it was a better choice.

Of course a decision like this in the eleventh hour is not without it’s problems because remember the lip sync is already done so Rob will have to ADR (Audio Dub Record) the voice..Of course with a true pro in Flavio’s corner I am not worried in the least! We record this coming Friday so wish us luck!

One step closer to being done!

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Good luck! Post some clips of the audio!


Did I say YEAH!
You have choosen one of the best!

Good Luck with everything!
I agree with Stephen, post some audio if you can!!


Thanks fellas! I hope it turns out great too! I will post some audio soon.


It’s been a while sense I last took a look at how Flavio is doing, I was so surprised to see you’d hired my favorite voice actor! I know he won’t dissapoint, and I can’t wait to see your toon!


Thanks Takineko! Yeah I was very lucky to get him for sure. Such a pro! I’ve worked with Rob many times so I know he’s the best. I even got to sit next to him on a plane to NY for the Emmys in 2000 (the year we both won for Pinky and the Brain). He’s a great guy. Definitely on Flavio’s Good Guy List!


A plane ride with Rob, that does sound like alot of fun! Maybe not as much fun as winning an Emmy. You guys both deserved them, definitely. Pinky and the Brain, and Animaniacs are the defining cartoons for me. Favorite shows of all time.


Thanks! You are toooo kind! Rob had more to do with it than me for sure! But I like my lil’ statue just the same! ;-)


That clip of Flavio’s new voice was bad. Why do the accents of foreign cartoon characters always have to sound so thick and strong? Always. Rob Paulsen does have talent, but it just makes me wonder why he’d decide to lay it on that thick.

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