Flavio ADR in the can!

January 21st, 2007


Well on Friday we finally finished recording Flavio (for the 2nd time!) and I am very happy with the way it turned out. Mr. Rob Paulson lent his voice to Flavio and he did such a fantastic job on it too. I don’t know how many of you have ever seen an ADR session but it’s really hard to do. Basically the actor stands there watching the cartoon and tries to say the lines to match with the way the animation’s mouths are moving. No easy feat I can tell you!


But Rob managed to come through with flying colors! Such a pro!

Here’s a small clip of the ADR session, it might give you an idea how hard it is, Then again it might just confuse you. The first voice you hear is Rob whispering trying to get ready for the next line as the tape machine rewinds. Then the scene starts and you hear three short beeps which are a sort of a countdown to the actual recording, and then you will hear my voice (as Flavio) and Rob’s voice at the same time as he tries to match the dialog. He tries it twice to get it right and messes up the second time. It ain’t easy for sure!

In the 2nd clip, it’s just Rob’s voice being played over the animation. What a great job he does. Sorry about the camera drift but I had to watch it with my own eyes instead of through the camera to make sure it worked. You can see also see glimpses of Justin the Sound Technician, Ginny McSwain our incredible Voice Director and Meridith Layne the awesome Casting Director

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Theres only 1 clip uploaded. This seems really awesome mike! and MAN! that animation came out flawless as can be! Its amazing!!! Im lookin forward to the rest of the short!


Sorry, man, the second clip is up now… it took a while to convert it. Oh and thanks for the kind comments about the animation!


Thanks for posting the clips.
It is really cool to really see how ADR is done.
Cool indeed!
The animation does look really sharp!!


Thanks Jeff! Yeah ADR is amazing. So hard to get just right. You need a pro for that. Nothing but a pro.

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