Flavio new title cards

January 22nd, 2007


Howdy all! Well, I am wrapping up finally with Flavio and getting down to the nitty gritty. I have a composer now, Kevin Manthei who I worked with on Xiaolin Showdown a few years back. He’s quite a talent. I also have sfx to approve and that’s about it, and we can mix this puppy.

As for the art in this post, months ago I did title cards for my film but after seeing them actually in front of the film I realized they sucked… so I redid them. This is the final result and I am much happier with them the way they turned out now.

For those that wonder, I painted these on my tablet PC with a program called ArtRage, which I think beats the snot out of Photoshop, Painter or any other graphics app out there geared towards painting.


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Wow these are great mike! Something that really catches the eye! well done!


Thanks Stephen, I’m pretty happy with them (today). We’ll see how I feel in a week. I pretty much never like anything I do a week later! LOL!


Hey Flav,

These are awesome! Gotta love the color! :)

BTW, nice job landing Mr. Paulsen as your voice! Hey, yer FAMOUS! Well, at least your voice is…

‘course, one day soon, ZOOOM!! Straight to the top for you, eh? ;^)


Straighta to th’ top Cubesteak forra sure!


not too sure about the flavio titlecards upon first impressions of it Mike. No offense, but i’m not really feeling the Italian flag that much. I get the idea that he’s an italian inventor, but I think if it were changed to Light blue and dark blue or white lines, good ol flavio would pop out a bit more, and the BG colors would suit him. I think he looks a little too muddled and we lose him in this version.
I think that would read for sure that Flavio is an inventor, and it wouldn’t matter what ethnicity he is.
Plus if you were to do the blueprint motiff and color scheme, you can put in a layer of eraser marks and eraser residue somewhere in the corner on the piece.
(Maybe a strand of spaghetti or a pepperoni or 2,, and some spaghetti sauce thrown around on the blueprint too.)
Just throwing in my 2 cents and some spare change for whatever it’s worth.
I loves me some Flavio! Looking forward to meeting you at the CH.Fred event!!!


Hey Jeaux, Hmmm… well I actually tried it with the more “blueprint look” and it all looked really washed out which was why I changed it in the first place. But then again I had Flavio in black and white at that stage too. I’ll try it out the other way and see what happens. I do like the richer flag colors though. Perhaps I’ll mess around with it a bit more. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person as well!


In fact, in looking at it further, making the bg be a light blue blueprint color makes Flavio’s face wash out completely.


Hey Mike! No worries! I’m sure whatever you come up with will be sweet! Great job on it! Can’t wait to see Lil Flavio!!!


Thanx Jeaux! I do actually agree with you mostly, but I think this is the best my lil’ head can produce!


Actually, he seems to stand out best against the red. This is gonna sound nutty, but have you considered having him stand in front of redprints?


Hey Tv’s Kyle! Actually, I went back and took another look at the design and ultimately agree with Jeaux. It is a bit hard to see sooooo, I decided on making it more of a darker blue which I think works pretty well. And actually, you’re not nutty, I did try red and it did work the best in fact but I ultimately thought that psychologically, the color red makes an audience “angry” and I didn’t want that to be the overwhelming first impression when viewers see Flavio, so I went with a soothing happy blue.


Super cool! Are you gonna post the darker Blue version for all all to check out?


Yeah sure why not, I’ll post it.

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