Flavio Revised Even NEWER Title card

January 24th, 2007


After considering my friend Jeaux’s thoughts on the title card I posted the other day,as well as a few other people’s comments, I decided to revise the Flavio title card. I’m not sure it’s the final one yet as I am a bit torn. I like the first one as well becasue it’s colorful and fun and I like the which add to the whole layout. This one pops a bit better but the left side leaves me a bit flat… Whatchuthink?

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Is this the final version? Are you SURE? lol


Probably not… ^_^


This one’s actually a pretty nice and clean, easy read. soothing to the eyes, but still exciting. Flav looks vibrant and full of energy, the light bulb helps, and you really want to get to know what he’s all about.
as for the left, how’z about a real pepperoni, or splash of real spaghetti sauce, or a noodle (i’ve gotten many scanners dirty with my strange peculiar ways), or maybe a blue Col-erase pencil or normal pencil lying there? I think if you were to add something real, with this design, it’ll give it another layer of texture. perhaps some erase marks? Just throwing stuff out, so that you aren’t restricted, and it’s a little outside the box, so to speak.Might look cool.
Once again, my 2 cents, take em or leave em.
I’m pretty impressed with this one tho mike.
See ya tonite!


Thanks for the help Jeaux! Yeah I think maybe a real blue pencil pointing sort of towards his name will fix the layout and bring the viewers eyes back to the lettering. Then your eyes will see Flavio’s eyes (the first the brain searches for) then down to his feet, the shadow will make us look to the pencil and then the pencil will make us come back to the lettering again making a nice circular layout. I will try it.


Nice Mike! I didn’t think about it in that sense, but it makes a Lot of sense. Almost in the same way Da Vinci used the triangle trick (?) to draw our eyes towards Jesus in his painting of the Last Supper. kinda like that! Does Flavio like the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci? Ya know…da vinci was an inventor too!


Flavio LOVES Leonardo! In fact DaVinci visits Flavio in his first film! Oh and BTW, I did mess with adding that stuff but it got too busy… just didn’t work for me, I am going to stick with the flat blue one. Let me find it and I’ll post a link to it.


I like it. Very sharp!


Thanks Frank!

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