Flavio Invention #2905-The Aqua Swing

January 29th, 2007


Have a swingin’ time in the pool! Sturdy enough to even jump from!

Only from Flaviothon Industries

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ahhah this is so awesome!


Thanks Stephen! I think I might try to actually build this one!


Hey Flavio!

Is it me, or do you look a little younger in this pic?


Hey the LH! How you doin’? No, thissa one I do maybe a year ago… so I about 17 years at the time… Young? Nah! I a grown up, fella!


I wonder what happened to tour cargo shorts?


I got more thanna one pair of th’ clothes The LH!


He might get rich with that one!


I gonna go staighta to the top Tak!


You’d better!


I meant “your cargo shorts” there.


I gotsa lotta clothes TheLH! More thann a one pair otherwise they getta the stinky!


Is it me, or does this TheLH person seem to have a thing for Flavio?


Well, I pretty cute Fuzz! Is okay! Itsa the price of the fame! The LH, he likea me! He a Gooda Guy!

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