Flavio Invention #1319- The Sniffle Stopper

January 31st, 2007


Got a nasty cold? Driving your friends crazy with your sniffling?
Never fear! The Sniffle Stopper is here!

Just place the convenient plugs into your runny nose and viola’
No more sniffles. Excess snot runs into the dishwasher safe receptical.

Be the envy of your friends!
You NEED the Sniffle Stopper today!

Only from Flaviothon Industries

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I bet you’d sell more of those things if the receptacle wasn’t see-through.


But then it wouldn’t be as gross! LOL!


Puts Kleenex out of business and no more embarrassing streaks on your sleeves!


Anda no more embarrassing times whena you wipea you nose and then shake you bosses’ hand!


Yeah that’s not so good.
I think I found an invention you would like.


What?! I gotta the bad breath?!? =:>(


lol, no no, but its a good invention for the boss man don’t you think?


Ho YES! He gotta the terrible stinky breath! Like a burned onion wrapped in a gym sock! I gonna buy some now and put it in his coffee! You a Gooda Guy Tak!


Haha, now THERE’S an image. The tongue scraper makes an excellent stocking stuffer..


Uh… would I be out of line to say that at first I really thought this was a dumb idea, but then I realized - Its snot.


Ehm. I like the see through container - lets me know when its time to, er…rinse.


Plus then you can tell if you really sick or not! Iffa it glow bright green an it all chunky? Ho boy! You sick as a goat! If it just browny and runny? You gonna be Hoooookay!

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