Alla Prossima!

February 7th, 2007


Alla Prossima means Until next time in Italian…
It’s been truly an amazing experience and I’d like to thank the following for their support and guidance in what has become one of the best moments I’ve had since my wedding and the birth of my two daughters…

Unending gobby heaps of thanks to:

Fred Seibert
Larry Huber
Kevin Kolde
Claudia Spinelli
Eric Homan
Melissa Wolfe
Therese Trujillo
Molly Maldonado
Mark Taylor
Eric Cookmeyer
Jack Kinman
Mac Middleton
Scott Mauro
Meridith Layne
Ginny McSwain
Kevin Manthei
Maurice Morgan
Scott Jenkins
Rob Paulson
Bobby Costanza
Stephen Stanton
John Mariano
and all the other film makers who it was a joy to meet, and be inspired by…

I’d also like to thank all the people that stopped by this blog over the last nine months and took the time to comment kindly on my thoughts and drawings especially Stephen, Alex, Tokyo, Elvis Conejo, Cubesteak, Jeaux, TV’s Kyle, Jeffy DeGrandeis, Floyd Bishop, Takineko V, Manny Galan, Jun, Aliki, EricThe LH, Jeff S., Jim Wyatt, Frank Bonocoure and all the others that escape me for the moment…

With the film being done, there’s not much point in updating this blog, so until next time or as Flavio would say Alla Prossima… I wish you all well…
God Bless
-Mike Milo

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Congratulations, Mike. One of the funniest pitches we got this year. The cartoon turned out great. I can’t wait until kids meet Flavio.


Thanks Eric! I can’t wait either!


Congrats Mike! I cant believe its already done, I remember when you made your first post. I thought it was something for Channel Frederator and I was like damn this should be a cartoon for the series! Awesome man, cant wait to see it!


Hey thanks Stephen, for me it’s been a long time since that first post. I think I posted over 100 times in those nine months. That’s a whooooole lotta thoughts! It’s gonna be hard not to post more stuff, but in the end it’s pretty much pointless to continue. Thanks for all your comments. they were greatly appreciated!


Can’t wait mike! We really ought to meet up sometime soon for some pizza! have you been to Uncle Ernie’s on topanga in chatsworth yet? eh? good stuff there!


Nope, haven’t been there, but I know where it is. Shoot me an email and we’ll set something up…


Wow Mike! Good for you! I can’t wait to see the finished film. You truly are a great guy and I hope you and I can work together again in the near future.
All the best,



thanks eric, same back to you. Who woulda thought 3 years ago woring with Bill and Andy that we’d be doing our own shorts together? Not me! Best of luck with your short as well man!


uh that would be “working” not ‘woring”. My brain is on “brain fart” today.


Congratulations on the big finish. I’m anxious to see the final!


Thanks Floyd! I’m looking forward to seeing Six Monsters as well! Good luck with all your business and if you got time when you’re back in L.A. look me up!


Best of luck to you in future projects ^_^
Let us know when we can watch it on the air– I’ll be moving back to the states soon [I was stationed overseas] so now I can finally watch all these Frederator things I’ve been waiting for!


Hey man! Thanks alot. I will definitely let you know when it’s on the air but I am sure it willbe readily known all ove rthis blog when it happens! I appreciate all your comments over the past few months, it was kind of you to bother. Overseas huh? Are you a soldier?


Uhhh… that was me that posted as YOU above… Duh. I on my own Bad Guy List!


Congrats Mike. Maybe Flavio and the Rats will meet at a screening? It was great going through the pipeline with you. Onward to Air!


Yup! I Imagine they will screen around the same time huh? Looking forward to seeing Ratzafratz!


Congrats and hope to see it screened soon! =)


Thanks Jun! You show me yours and I’ll show you mine! ;-)


Dude, it’s been a long journey. Longer for me than anyone else…Theres going to be a whole lot of extra bandwidth on the FREDERATOR BLOGS with you gone. You BLOG HOG! Hmmm..BLOG HOG? That’s my next pitch! Anyhoo, it’s a small world when you do what we do so I’m certain we will be crossing paths in the near future. Looking forward to seeing the finished toons! WE MADE FRICKIN’ CARTOONS! How awesome is that?


Beats hauling trash that’s for sure! That’s what I USED to do! Yeah it’s pretty awesome having it all final. Your cartoon looks like it will be worth all the time and sweat you put into it. It really looks polished man! I dig the style. Blog Hog? I like it! Looking forward to eharing the pitch man! I still owe you those files. I’ll find them this weekend for sure!


You’re all too welcome, Mike. I can’t wait to see the short! I hope this doesn’t mean you’ll stop posting Flavio inventions!


Well we’ll see… if Flavio comes up with anything special maybe I’ll post it… but probably not.


Wow! I cant belive its actually over. You got an awsome cartoon mike:D! cant wait to see the whole thing on tv ! Hope I meet u in the future!



Yeah I can’t beleive I’m done either. Still, I imagine it will not be my last film… Thanks for stopping by Alex! I’m coming to Mexico this summer so we may just get that chance!


my name is there awww im so proud ! ;_;
thank you for remembering me !
i hope for the best, may this be the start of a new TV show ! ! !


Thanks Tokyo! Thanks for your support!

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