Flavio Final Mix!

February 7th, 2007


Well Flavio is finally finito!
It took me around nine months so it’s sort of like having a baby!Hard to believe really…

We mixed last Friday at Salami studios in North Hollywood and for the first time I got to see my film as a finished piece.

It was awesome!

I had such a blast working on this film and in some ways I am sad to see it come to a clse. In other ways I am very glad I am done… too many plates spinning in the air makes Mike a dull boy…


Here’s a shot of the Mixing editor (sorry but who’s name escapes me at the moment) doing his ‘thang…


Here’s the long hallway that leads to the Mixing room… just think how much cool stuff must be going on behind each of these doors…


Here’s a shot of Salami’s sign… Check out some of the heavy hitters that recorded here in the past!


Here’s a shot outside Salami Studios. Odd, but I think it should have looked like a deli!


On my way home there was a beautiful sunset… fitting to put a cap on the day… and the film Flavio!

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Awesome congrats! Salami studios is really cool, I got to go there when i was in LA! I might even have t hem do the sound FX for my short! Cant wait to see your finished film mike! Congrats!


Thanks Stephen! Yeah Salami is great. I’ve been there dozens of times for many studios, WB, Disney, Mike Young Prod,, Nickelodeon, Sunbow, Sony Wonder, Dic Ent… the list goes on. They are a serious force in the biz.

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