Happy Valentines Day!

February 14th, 2007


Or as my kids say “Happy Valentimes Day!”

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great flavio pic Mike!
Happy Valentines Day!


Thanx Jeaux! Same to you!




Yup! Surprised you remember that unmemorable film! It’s funny but the year I did that film Bloo’s Gang, I drew a Valentine’s Day card for my wife which was so successful that I have done one each year since then all with me as Bloo and the cat as my wife, so I have like 15 of these that I’ve done. Now of course I wanted to add Flavio in this year and it seemed perfect to make him the gondola pilot!


Ain’t that the blue dog from the What a Cartoon! show?


Haha! Good memory! Yes it is from WAC. As I said with Eric above, I am surprised anyone remembers that!

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