Flavio Clip!

February 25th, 2007


I finally figured out how to get a small clip onto my computer (it was actually pretty easy in hindsight) so if you like, you can check out a small clip of Flavio here!
Hopefully no one minds what with the big notice across the screen but I’ve seen others put clips of their cartoons up so I imagine it’s okay.

P.S.:The clip is an mp4 file, so if it won’t open for you, download it to your desktop and open it with Quicktime directly.

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AHAH sweet mike! Nice stuff! This is beautiful!


Hey Stephen, thanks for the comment… You asked for this a while back right? See? I deliver! Sure it’s months later but… I did it! Yay!


There’s no denying that man! This is great!


Looks great, Mike! We’re anxious to see more. Maybe the next time Brian and I get to LA, they’ll have another screening. Rob did a fantastic Flavio for you. Congratulations on a job awesomely done!


Thanks Russ, yeah I am sure they’ll do a screening eventually. I agree Rob makes the film. Now imagine that it was all ADR and you begin to realize what a true talent he is.


Hey Flavio!

Hey, what happened to your tail?


The LH! You’re so technical! ;-) Flavio tucked it in his pants for this scene to make the gag work. he’s a pro!


I thought his pants had a hole for his tail.


They were special pants!


very cool Mike!


Yo Jeaux! Thanks man!


Funny stuff my friend! And the animation is awesome. FLAVIO actually looks cuter when moving.


Thanks Manny, yeah Wang Films (don’t say it) did a fantastic job on the animation. I was really lucky to get them to do it. As for cuter when moving? Yeah I guess with the dialog and the poses it makes him a bit cuter. Thanks for posting!


I’m looking forward to Flavio even more now.


Hey Floyd, thanks! Not as much as I am to get you all to see it!


wow this is soooo cool:D great to see flavio movin!! congrats mike!!!!!


Thanks Alex!


Flavio rocks!


Thanks Andy for stopping by! I wish I could show the whole thing. I really do!


ahh its cute! I like the colors. I started working on a fan animation for you, but never finished! I was in the process of moving, maybe I’ll get it done sometime.


Dude, you TEASE! C’mon finish it and I’ll post it here! Hurry! I wanna see it!


lol, I’ll try to work on it more. I’ve got more distractions in the comming two weeks though, and I think I only did the first few frames.


Hey WOW - this looks great.


Thanks Todd! I appreciate you taking the time to comment!


Excellent! When will we get more? I really hope this goes to series.


Hey Paul! Believe me so am I. Nickelodeon was supposed to make a decision in April but we’re past that so who knows when we’ll hear something. Wish me luck!


Absolutely, good luck!

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