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Flavio Invention #1319- The Sniffle Stopper

January 31st, 2007


Got a nasty cold? Driving your friends crazy with your sniffling?
Never fear! The Sniffle Stopper is here!

Just place the convenient plugs into your runny nose and viola’
No more sniffles. Excess snot runs into the dishwasher safe receptical.

Be the envy of your friends!
You NEED the Sniffle Stopper today!

Only from Flaviothon Industries

Flavio Invention #2905-The Aqua Swing

January 29th, 2007


Have a swingin’ time in the pool! Sturdy enough to even jump from!

Only from Flaviothon Industries

Flavio Revised Even NEWER Title card

January 24th, 2007


After considering my friend Jeaux’s thoughts on the title card I posted the other day,as well as a few other people’s comments, I decided to revise the Flavio title card. I’m not sure it’s the final one yet as I am a bit torn. I like the first one as well becasue it’s colorful and fun and I like the which add to the whole layout. This one pops a bit better but the left side leaves me a bit flat… Whatchuthink?

Flavio new title cards

January 22nd, 2007


Howdy all! Well, I am wrapping up finally with Flavio and getting down to the nitty gritty. I have a composer now, Kevin Manthei who I worked with on Xiaolin Showdown a few years back. He’s quite a talent. I also have sfx to approve and that’s about it, and we can mix this puppy.

As for the art in this post, months ago I did title cards for my film but after seeing them actually in front of the film I realized they sucked… so I redid them. This is the final result and I am much happier with them the way they turned out now.

For those that wonder, I painted these on my tablet PC with a program called ArtRage, which I think beats the snot out of Photoshop, Painter or any other graphics app out there geared towards painting.

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Flavio ADR in the can!

January 21st, 2007


Well on Friday we finally finished recording Flavio (for the 2nd time!) and I am very happy with the way it turned out. Mr. Rob Paulson lent his voice to Flavio and he did such a fantastic job on it too. I don’t know how many of you have ever seen an ADR session but it’s really hard to do. Basically the actor stands there watching the cartoon and tries to say the lines to match with the way the animation’s mouths are moving. No easy feat I can tell you!

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a bit more on Flavio’s new voice

January 14th, 2007


As requested, here’s a clip of Rob Paulsen as Flavio

Flavio’s voice

January 14th, 2007


So after many weeks of contemplation, and much gnashing of teeth… I have decided not to do Flavio’s voice and instead to go with a professional who will bring something that only a true pro can do. Good acting! I am delighted to Say that I am fortunate enough to get Emmy Award winning actor Rob Paulsen!It’s not that I didn’t like my voice because I think it was good enough but in the end I believe thatjust ” good enough” wasn’t going to cut it. No, I needed to “knock it out of the park!”and when I heard Rob’s voice I instantly knew it was a better choice.

Of course a decision like this in the eleventh hour is not without it’s problems because remember the lip sync is already done so Rob will have to ADR (Audio Dub Record) the voice..Of course with a true pro in Flavio’s corner [Read more…]

Flavio’s Great Great Grandpa!

January 13th, 2007


Flavio was looking in the attic the other day and found a painting of his great great grandpa Giuseppe Flavio Giovanni Milano!
This portrait was painted of him the week before he left his homeland in Calabria to journey to America in 1907. Once there he worked in Brooklyn for many years as a cobbler.

Flavio Invention #2367-The Portable Washing Machine

January 12th, 2007


Now you can wash clothes even when you’re on the road!

Simply place your soiled items in the plastic container and add a quart of water and a tablespoon of soap.

Now just wrap the convenient bungie cords around two trees, pull back and let go!
The Portable Washing Machine will do the rest, rapidly washing your clothes clean!

Only from Flaviothon Industries

Flavio Invention #4107-The Anti Shower Slipper

January 1st, 2007


Never fall in the shower again with
The Anti Shower Slipper!

Only from Flaviothon Industries