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It’s all in the name.

October 30th, 2005


We’ve been all caught up in launching our new channel, but, we haven’t forgotten about our day jobs. It’s the end of the line for new names for our new shorts, and these are final submissions. We’ll consult with our colleagues, make recommendations to our executives at Nick and wait for their choice. We’ll argue with them a bit, and then announce the winner(s).

Thank you Edward Webb.
Hit Me With Your Best Short (a variation on Chris Panzer’s entry)
Right In The Shorts
Fred’s Shorts

Thank you N. Mitchell.
The HorsePlayhouse
The Loaf
Beef Bomb

Thank you Pen Ward.

Thank you Bill Breneisen.
The Short Stack
Epic Shorts
Wild Takes
Mexican Jumping Toons
Tooning Fork
The Pitch Pipe

Thank you Nivek Edlok.
Dude, Cartoons!

Thank you Christopher West.
Reel Toons
ReelToon Funnies
FunToon Follies
1 Reel Cartoons
Cartoon Serial Bowl
Bowl O’ Serials Cartoons
Well Tooned
Fun Funny Funnies
Cartoon Short Shorts
Cartoon Reel Short Shorts

Thank you Jack & Joe Seibert.
Channel Toon
Cartoon World
Toonited Nations
Dial 123 for Toons
Toon Up
Toon Me Up
Toon Tide
Toon Time

Digg digs Frederator.

October 27th, 2005

They’re a tech site, so they mis-identify Frederator as the “creator” of some of the cartoons we’ve produced, but still, it’s nice to be noticed.

October 27th, 2005

Technorati Profile

The home stretch.

October 26th, 2005

Next Monday is the last day for our quasi-contest. We’ll be conferring with our colleagues at Nickelodeon production, because ultimately they’ll make the final decision. I have NO idea how long they’ll take to make up their minds. We’ll announce the final choice and the winner(s), and then we on to the logo.

Thank you anonymous (”’cause no one’s done that yet”).
Dr. Woolgather
Spooner Hall

Thank you Art Curry.
The Cartoon Hit Parade!

Thank you Chris Muise.
Couch Coazies
Couch Potato Chips
Addicted to Toons
SWASH! Cartoons

Thank you Ted Nunes.
Cartizzle Funizzle!
Thwack! Wallop! Whack! Wham!
What’s all the Hubbub?!
Boogers & Fart Jokes!
Phhhphphphhttt!!! (w/ accompanying “spluttery tongue graphic”)
Extremes & Inbetweens!
Laffin’ Larry’s Funtime Free-for-all!

Thank you Sean McGowan.
Toon Soup

Thank you Lina Maini.
Go! Cartoons, Go! CARToons, GO!CARToons
Genius Tunes In
Toontocity (toon- tah- city)
S’WAToons (Say Wat?! Cartoons)
Greenlight, Redlight (wait, that ain’t even funny…)
HA! Toons
Tent City Toons
Cartoon Cantina
Shorts, People Cartoons
Turnin’ Tunes
Countdown Cartoons
TAGtoons (They’re A Go Cartoons)
Toona Helper

Thank you Andrew Henry.
New-O Cartoon-O

Thank you Marla Anyomi.

Thank you <a href=”http://mag.awn.com/index.php?ltype=search&sval=Chris%20Panzner “>Chris Panzner.
Garshk! Cartoons
Shorts Circus
Toon Commandments
Toon Foil
Wan Toon Soup
Toon Hall
Toon In, Turn On, Drop Out
As The World Toons
Yea, Baby! Toonage
C’mout With Your Toons Up!
Toon Tonic
Toon Loc
Goody Toon Shoes
Jump the Couch! Cartoons
Funbelievable! Cartoons
Bejabbers! Cartoons
Crikey! Cartoons
Tea for Toons
4ya! Toons
99 Bottles of Toon on the Wall
MMMmmmm! Cartoons
Boy Howdy! Cartoons
By Yiminy! Cartoons
Walla! Cartoons
Take Your Best Short
Got Shorts
It Only Hurts When I Laugh
Shorts, Dark and Handsome
Get Shorties!
Funny Haha! Cartoons
Guffaw! Cartoons
Hams on the Laugh Shelf
Short Orders… Pick Up!
Short Orders… Hot Stuff!
Keep Your Short On!
Shorts Kebab
Short Up!
ASK! (Animated Short Kartoons)

Thank you anonymous.

Thank you Scott Mouro.
7 minutes or 420 seconds
Intelligent Creations
4th Course
The No Name Cartoon Show
The Nameless Cartoon Show
A. Creation
Local Deli Cartoons
Unpredictable Creations
Tasty Cartoons
Yeah What!

The WubbPod.

October 24th, 2005

Is it becoming clear that we’ve gone iPod crazy (5th generation)? It is to the Wow!Wow!Wubbzy! crew.

Oh Yeah! ‘Pat’ Ventura and Alex Kirwan. (And Adam Henry).

October 23rd, 2005

On a whirlwind one day trip to Hollywood last week for a wrap party for Butch Hartman’s The Fairly Oddparents (the second successful spin-off series from Oh Yeah!), I had a chance to catch up with a new friend, and a couple of long timers.

Melissa will be filling you in on Adam Henry’s Tiffany.

Up next was the unique and talented ‘Pat’ Ventura, the first man I ever offered a short, and the person who convinced me the classic seven minute cartoon would become my format of choice. His love for Laurel & Hardy is contagious, as is his Dangerous Duck Brothers.
I started an international storyboard contest at Hanna-Barbera in the 90s. The first second prize winner was Dave Kirwan. The next year’s winner should have been his 16 year old son Alex, but, when we found out he was below our legal winning age, we hired him instead, as an apprentice on Johnny Bravo. Then he became our first creator in 1998’s Oh Yeah! Cartoons on Nickelodeon, and has since become one of the leading art directors (Frederator’s own My Life as a Teenage Robot and Call Me Bessie!) in the cartoon industry (all before he was 25 years old!). So, I guess we were forced to see Alex Kirwan’s pitch on Mike & the Kingdom of Petunia.

Thanks to Pat and Alex for their kind permission to post their artwork.

Our secret plans.

October 19th, 2005

Never let it be said that we let the grass grow under our feet at Frederator Studios.

Kevin just got his video iPod (in black, of course). It’s amazing, and fits in perfectly with our plans.

Give us a link.

October 16th, 2005


The new Google Blogsearch hasn’t deemed to list us yet.

So please give us a hand. Link us (as something like Frederator Cartoons blogs at ) on your blogs, your website, your friends’ sites (I know you know how to hack them). The more links the more likely their algorithms will pick us up.

Thanks in advance. Your cartoon friends will appreciate it. We do.

From our DeviantArt gallery.

October 14th, 2005

We’ve been posting a gallery at DeviantArt.com for a few weeks, and this logo was posted by MikeMedia (… I’ve heard that Is looking for a new name for Oh Yeah Cartoon series. So I even went further by making a logo.)

Another Deviant comment from a parent asked: I wonder what made you decide to work on Nick?

Our answers?

1. they like us. we like anyone who likes us.
2. they pay us. we like anyone who pays us.
3. we have a very long relationship with Nick, going back to the 80s. we were extremely involved in creating the building blocks of the network, so we have a postive feeling about them personally and professionally.
4. they like our choice of talent. we love that.
5. they like our cartoons. we’ll work with anyone who likes our cartoons.

Dana Galin & Diane Kredensor. Oh Yeah!

October 14th, 2005

Diane and Dana were in the New York office today to show a pitch for a second cartoon they’d love to do for Oh Yeah!. It’s called The Life of Frank.

(And have you checked out the posted piece of their animatic?!)

Thanks to D&D for kind permission to post the title page of their pitch.