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What a little Tim Biskup can do.

March 14th, 2006

As is often the case in New York, our new office was originally little more than a raw space before Lisa Storfer and Mike Glenn got hold of it for the renovation.
Putting a Tim Biskup print above the door (Carrie’s fave) and artwork ranging from Rob Renzetti’s MLaaTR, Hanna-Barbera Golden Book original paintings, and some of my jazz photography collection, makes the place great to come to every day. Takes a little edge off of the city.

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Im gonna visit the studio soon guys and take a peak at the new studio and stuff. :)


Wow that looks fantastic! It really is amazing what can be done when you let a couple creative people lose in an empty room!


If that’s what a little Tim Biskup can do, just think what a BIG Tim Biskup can do!


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