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Welcome Mike Milo.

May 2nd, 2006


Mike Milo starts his cartoon Flavio this week. I’ll let him explain it to you on his blog, but in the meantime you can check out his personal journal Milowerx.

Mike co-created and directed a couple of shorts for us at Hanna-Barbera’s What A Cartoon! It’s great to have him back.

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I love those sheets you posted!! THEY ROCK MY SOCKS!!!! Great job!! -Steve


Thanks Stephen!
I appreciate the kind words on my model sheets! There’s more where that came from!


Great to have you here, Mike. There was no doubt from the first time you showed us Flavio that it had to be a Random! Cartoon.


Oh its a Random! Cartoon? WOW! I CANT WAIT TO SEE!! -Steve


Aw shucks Eric, you’re makin’ me blush!
I can’t tell you how excited I am about this cartoon. I’m having so much fun my head has spilt open twice… Fortunately I had a stapler there.
You and Fred are both on the Tippy Top of my Good Guy List!


Thanks Fred,
It is an honor to be working with you! I am very excited about making Flavio and I hope it turns out as good as I can picture it to be in my head!


great designs mike!
keep it up!


Thanks joox!
I appreciate the feedback!


Adorable designs! The cleanups on your site look like they’re done in Flash. Are you animating in Flash also?


Yea they do.. They might be. The walkcycle looks like its flash animated. Mike, im ( not to sound full of myself) a pretty good flash animator. The work Ive done and posted isnt anything compared to what i can REALLY do. I would LOVE to do some animation on your short! That would be the greatest thing! Esp with the type of designs you have!!! Im serious, but everyone else on the blog thought i was kidding. Thanks! -Steve http://stephenstudios.blogspot.com new post up.


Hi Anne,
On my personal site yeah there is some Flash of Flavio but the film will be animated traditionally. Just before I got Flavio green-lit I recorded a small piece of dialog of Flavio trying to “pitch” one of his inventions called Lollipop Nails to a patron at the restaurant he works. I then figured I’d try to animate the dialog with some Flash to see if the design held up with the voice I wanted. I was a few scenes into it and our good friend Eric Homan called telling me I got the short! So I never finihsed the animation.

You can see it here:


Oh yeah and thanks Anne, for your kind comments about Flavio!


Hi Stephen,
Sorry but we’re gonna ship this one overseas.
-sorry Fred for posting so much…


Its ok mike. I liked that animation. It was funny! If only it woul dbe flash animated..lol. Its gonna come out great either way! Just look at his design! And listen to the way he talks!! Great stuff Man!

-Steve http://stephenstudios.blogspot.com

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