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Joey Ahlbum.

May 3rd, 2006


Joey Ahlbum is an animator who made Super Sam and Spot as a student film, which I’ve liked for several years. Today he brought in a pitch of it as a seven minute short.

Some of you might recognize Joey’s work from the loads of shorts he’s done for Sesame Street or the What A Cartoon! he designed and directed, Zoonatics (written by The Poster Boys). But if you’re 20-30 years old, you’ve definitely seen Joey’s Nickelodeon network IDs like ‘Doo-Wop-A-Saurus’ (with music by Paul Rolnick).

Joey Ahlbum > ‘Doo-Wop-A-Saurus.’

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Fred, I thought you werent taking pitches for 7 minute shorts anymore? What happened? If you still are let me know I have something I want to pitch! -Steve http://stephenstudios.blogspot.com


Steve and everyone, we’re in the production business; we take pitches for anything every day of every year.


Thanks awsome!! Im going to set things up to pitch a show series with a show bible and such. I’ll give you a call when I want to set things up! Thanks Fred! -Steve http://stephenstudios.blogspot.com btw, new post up.


I’ll give you a call when I want to pitch the show*


SUPER SAM and SPOT have been my favorite super hero characters ever since their first film, “BANDITS”, won an Asifa East prize many many years ago!


OK Jerry, hands down, you win the best cartoon memory contest (as if we didn’t know!). A student short from decades ago…Wow!


Where can I watch his original short? -Steve


Did Joey also do the animation for They Might Be Giants (She Was A) Hotel Detective video? I always thought that looked just like those great old Nick IDs from the early days… and this was back when TMBG were a staple on Nick Rocks.


Hey Fred, great blog. I met you at Kidscreen this year, just wanted to let you know of a show that I have in deveoplment you can cheek out the blog at http://www.cartooncreation.blogspot.com , talk to u later - Chris


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