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May 23rd, 2006







I was feeling guilty today about posting so rarely on my own blog. Then I got to thinking what we’re up to. Not counting the things I’m not writing about yet.

I stopped beating myself up.

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Fred, its okay. But you know me, ive been posting on my blog alot :D check it out! http://stephenstudios.blogspot.com! ;) -Steve


Hi Fred,
I was having a look at the Nicktoons animation festival, and it would be great to join it.
We are a small crew that have been making a Diploma film during all 2005. Reading on nicktoonsnetwork, it seems that there’s a chance for student’s film as well, isn’t it?
It would be awesome to be in!

see ya :)


Valentina, we love student films. Deadline is in a week or so. See you then.


Wow! You’re really busy! That’s a good thing tho’! Hopefully that translates to more work for us all! :-)


Thanks Fred!
I’ve sent the application form at the school already.
(Crossed fingers);)


Fred, whens the wubbcast coming out? Im working on an animation for it :D -


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