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The Hanna-Barbera sound effects.

May 30th, 2006


Alan Goodman’s post about his cartoon schooling reminded me of a huge influence he had on the cartoon revival of the 90s.

Alan and I met in college radio in the early 70s and immediately started working on projects together. Doing audio comedy skits was very popular at our station. One of our favorite discoveries in the record library were some early, scratchy 60s releases of the Hanna-Barbera sound effects library. Our age made us HB freaks, and we had the greatest time mining the stuff for our productions.

Fast forward, against all odds I become the president of Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1992, and one of the first calls I got was from Alan asking when I was going to get him the ‘official’ library. After months of useless bureaucracy I found out the veteran studio personal was completely dismissive of this part of their hertiage, given that some of the effects dated back to the 1940s and Bill Hanna’s supervision of the Tom & Jerry production.

I’ll spare you the boredom, but after five years we finally released the library in the quality treatment it deserved. I’m still hearing those 60 year old effects in commercials (and cartoons). I feel like Alan did a good thing.

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Some of the most memorable sound effects in animation history on on those cds. Great stuff! My favorite is the Flintstone running sound which kinda has a “Wubbita Wubbita Wubbita” sound to it. I think it was done with coconuts, and of course the head hits are amazing too. I would venture to say it’d be hard to make a cartoon WITHOUT some of these sounds just because we’re so used to them they are engrained into our psyche about what getting whacked on the head SHOULD sound like!


Mike, not sure about the coconuts, but Fred’s feet under his car is Bill Hanna and a couple of guys reving their hands on his leatherette couch in his office (I inherited that office and couch and it was the story most often told).


Awesome..I remember coming across a copy of those, for some reason when I worked in the Media library at E! Entertainment TV (one of my many jobs)..I don’t know why someone had them, who had them, or how they got them, but they were soooo fun to listen to..oh 11-12 years ago!


BTW Fred your KCR link needs a “www” in front of it to work.


Fixed, thanks. (Leave it to those universities to be behind the times.)


I knew a guy who had a laugh just like Barney Rubble….and he was loud……and he didn’t know it.
I was just dying to get my hands on a Barney laugh sound byte so I could bone him over the phone with it……but, alas, after much searching, I came up empty at that time. I still want to add Barney’s laugh to my “Classic Toon Sound” folder.


[…] It was a few years ago when I mentioned the 1995 release of the Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library, one of my favorite projects from my time at the studio.  A full, 5-CD quality release of the studios famous sound effects. In the booklet included with the set, studio veteran Paul Douglas came up withthe editors’ all time Top 10 SFX. Here’s his picksfrom the original release: […]

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