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Thanks Jessica.

June 14th, 2006


Jessica Jackson is our Frederator/NY high school intern. Today was her last day and we wanted to wish her well and say ‘Thanks’ for all the hard work she did for us this spring.

Jessica’s on her way to Carnegie Mellon in the fall as a writing major and arts minor; she writes, animates, illustrates, and sculpts. My assistant Carrie tells me she makes some really nice jewerly too. She’s been a lifesaver to all of us in the office, especially Carrie and Mike.

I love our interns, probably because there really wasn’t such a thing when I was younger and I would have killed for the opportunity. And because our interns are really great, of course. (There wasn’t much guidance from my pharmacist parents as to how to understand the media business.) And, for my part, it’s one of the small ways I can say thank you to those who helped me get started.

Thanks Jessica, we appreciate everything.

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I know why you like interns! They work for free!! lol. Im sure it was a great experience for her!


carnegie mellon’s a great school i hear!
good luck jessica!


Thank you! From what I hear about CMU’s workload, I’m going to need all the luck I can get. :)


Aw, thanks so much Fred! I learned so much on my internship and I know how lucky I am to have had this opportunity. It was a great experience!


Hello there,
hi Jessica!
I’m going to attend an internship too, at cartoon network europe(uk) and I feel more relaxed after your “internship experience report” :)
I know that all company are different, but I hope I’ll be as well lucky as you!
what are you doing right now?
take care!


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