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A trick question.

August 15th, 2006


I’ve always loved cartoon music and when more and more public information starting coming out about it during the 80s, I started forming my own theories about it all. Here’s the result of my survey of Hanna-Barbera’s Hoyt Curtin.

A trick question:


(Hint: You can’t. There are only two.)

Ask any reasonably well-informed movie buff who the major film composers are and you’re likely to get a pretty long list of names. You’ll hear Mancini, Williams, Barry, Goldsmith, Bernstein, Steiner, Hermann…

But cartoons? Even the most obsessed cartoon-o-phile comes up short…

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Ah yes, I bought the limited edition PICNIC BASKET collection the day it came out, well maybe the day after, technically. All of Hoyt’s scores are amazing but the one that really just blows me away is the TOP CAT incidental music. It’s just amazingly lush and has a sophisticated Gershwin undercurrent infused with a snappy Jazz New York underground beatnick movement and a big dash of whimsy. Unbeatable! One thing I wish was available on CD though is all the songs that “THE IMPOSSIBLES” sang on their series. Those songs were amazing, BEATLE-esque in nature and were sadly never heard in their entirety. Anybody have those lying around?


Manny, check with Earl Kress, producer of the Pic-In-Ic Basket and writer of Hornswiggle, over at his blog: http://mynameisearlkress.com/weblog/


Are the two you are thinking of Carl Stalling, and Hoyt Curtin?


1000 points to the man from Pennsylvania!!


These essays are great. I read them all and I only wish there were more. :)


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[…] compiled and produced with passion and knowledge by cartoon writer/producer Earl Kress. I’ve posted before about my worship and respect for the under appreciated HB music director and composer Hoyt Curtin […]

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