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August 21st, 2007


Most of you regular Frederatorblogs readers know all about Next New Networks, but I thought I’d share this letter I sent out to my mailing list today:

Usually when I write to my whole mailing list it’s announcing some good news from our cartoon studio. With everything going on there (our feature film slate, a new original series for the web, awards galore, and more Nickelodeon series) you haven’t heard much from us this past year unless you’re a reader of our blogs. The studio’s kept me busy enough, but the launch of Channel Frederator in 2005 and my partner Emil Rensing’s VOD Cars has led to a cascade of developments I’ve been meaning to share for several months.

Next New Networks is a new kind of media company that will introduce 101 ad-supported micro television networks over the next five years, with 10 already on the air and five coming in the next few weeks. I’m a founding partner with Herb Scannell, Jed Simmons, Tim Shey, and Emil, an incredible group of colleagues who’ve all worked together in various media configurations over the past 30 years.

The initial networks are already unqualified hits with 25,000,000 video views so far, and four individual brands handily passing 1,000,000 monthly views. And that’s not including the all the activity around our blogs, forums, and newsletter. We’re making our business and creative choices around stunning talent that’s come our way and the vibrancy of online communities, and wrapping them all up with the branding skills we’ve developed online and in television. Automobiles, Internet pop culture, Comicbooks, Fashion, Politics, Brides, Jewelry, and Cartoons are just some of the communities we’re serving in our first year.

What makes our networks different than the kind we’ve all known? Well, nothing and everything. The productions are usually much shorter, and they’re on-demand. You can watch them anywhere, on hundreds of websites, but also on your TV. But the biggest difference is mostly our viewers. In many ways they’re more important than we are. They produce video, they write blog posts, and they even distribute our networks. Their roles in their specialized communities are most important to the building of our brands.

OK, so as usual, I didn’t make a long story short (though with all we’ve got going on I could go on a lot longer). You can check out the Next New Networks blog to keep up with more if you’d like. I’ll leave you with a short bit on each of our networks, and for those whose email can handle it, you’ll also find embedded players for each right on this page. Check them out, you might enjoy them.

INDY MOGUL just had a 1,000,000 view month. It’s is the first network for the YouTube generation. Producer/host Erik Beck shows you how to do the most sophisticated special effects with the stuff in your kitchen.

VOD CARS and FAST LANE DAILY have both passed their million view marks and offer up fast cars (”No talking, Just speed.) and lots of car news (and FLD host Ji Young Min was just named hottest in videoblogging). VETTE DOGS rounds out our industry leading automotive offerings and will soon be joined by GARAGE 419.

VERACIFIER features the fiercly independent and original journalism of Joshua Micah Marshall (Talking Points Memo), the most popular political blogger in America.

THREADBANGER has popped stars Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh. They’re hosts and producers of one of the internet’s hottest areas, DIY fashion, and are at the top of everyone’s list of the new online stars.

JETSET is just cool. Host/producer Zadi Diaz and producer Steve Woolf are defining forces internet culture the way Rolling Stone and MTV defined pop music culture. And JETSET correspondents will be hosting a second show here soon.

PULP SECRET features two shows about comicbooks. Reviews from A Comicbook Orange (Casey McKinnon & Rudy Jahchan) and Justin, Pete and Alex BS and comment on the week in comics.

BRIDE-O-RAMA is one of our two newest networks, a weekly featuring video tips submitted from recent brides to the brides-to-be of the moment.

BLEACHER BLOGGERS hosts Dave Aizer and Brent Popolizio focus on the unsung heros of internet sports, the thousands of bloggers who know better than you.

TOTAL MMO has up to date information and tips on massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft.

And, of course, I don’t want to leave out CHANNEL FREDERATOR another member of our 1 million club, Cartoon Central for the internet. Our first original series will be launching in Septemeber.

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