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Dinner at [adult swim].

September 12th, 2007

[adult swim] offices: Atlanta, Georgia, 2007

I went to Atlanta to have dinner with my friend Mike Lazzo, founder, runner, emperor, and guru of [adult swim]. I’d never been to their offices/studios before but figured it must be a special place. I snapped a few pix, but because I was talking so much with Mike they’re not so great. Hopefully, they’ll give you a slight idea why it’s the kind of place anyone would love to go to every day .

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The Astro stuff was cool and I saw Blossom and Bubbles but no Buttercup! Was she in hiding?

Thanks for sharing the pictures.


im interested in making a cartoon show based off my life which is pretty crazy but i was
wondering if i could send in a few of my comics to you and if you would take a look at them

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