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A question for you.

December 19th, 2007


I’m hoping you could answer a question.

About ten days ago, I mumbled something in of one of the RAW Art Today! posts about starting a magazine featuring great artwork from the art galleries on Channel Frederator RAW (tentatively titled “Cartoon Central on the Internet”). The more we’ve talked about it the cooler the idea seems. Reading an article about the photography magazine JPG the other day sealed the deal. We’re going to start prepping now; maybe we can get it going by March? (Start saving those full resolution files; we’ll be calling).

JPG organizes their magazine around themes posted on their website, and their readers submit their best appropriate photographs: Nostalgia, Geometry, Color Theory, Creepy, Loneliness, etcetera, etcetera; the magazine curates the best of the best. It makes perfect sense, giving each issue an organizing principle and a vibe.

But themes also work against my natural lack of discipline, anarchistic tendencies, and my hopes for the explosion of surprise.

What do you think? Do we ask for thematic submissions? Or is it better for you to keep uploading your latest stuff, or your favorites from your archives?

Let us know, it’ll help us make some early decisions.

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I think whether or not to use themes depends on the frequency. There are lots of photo sites that throw out themes on a weekly basis, but I think if it were less seldom, it might be better to have a hodgepodge. And let’s start rounding up guest editors tomorrow.


I’m not thrilled on the thematic idea.
It’s like a high school art class.
I would also wager that very little of the art posted here is really RAW art, as such.
Practically everything I post has been on my blog at the very least.


I think this is a great idea. How is the magazine going to be distributed? Will it be a physical magazine, a PDF download, or something else?


Floyd, my initial thought is we’ll print a physical publication via lulu.com, and distribute through Amazon and our sites. If it has any traction, we’ll move to a more normal system.


There should be some organization, but if you pick themes and then go through the archive, you’ll find there’s great art that you want to showcase but doesn’t fit the theme. Instead, maybe do pages showcasing one artist, or a page where an up-and-coming artist creates a single-page pitch for a cartoon. Not saying you have to make the pitch, but it can show what ideas different people have. You can also use Deviantart’s categories: Digital Art, Traditional Art, Models, Caricatures, etc. Throw in a fan art section and I’m set!

Food for thought.


How ever you decide to organize it, I think it’s a great idea.


We expect we’ll see your wonderful art there Joey.


How about contests (with pride on the line?)to create a theme? I think that could be fun. I work better with guidelines or themes anyway


It would depend on how many pieces of art make it to the magazine. If you have a lot, you could have some be revolving around the theme, and then some random pieces of wicked pissa greatness.

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