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Steve Rude: Artist in Motion

March 15th, 2008

Steve Rude

If ever a book title caught its subject well, it’s Artist in Motion, by the incredible Steve Rude. I was lucky enough to spend some time on projects with Steve back in the day (I was trying to develop Mike Baron & Steve’s Nexus as an animated feature film at Hanna-Barbera) and never have I been with an artist more dedicated to the forward trajectory of his art, and all art that he loves and respects. You’ll get a great sense of that enthusisam in this art book, which surveys 20 years of his career in comics and painting. Steve’s one of those rare artists that’s worth listening to as well as looking at, so don’t just skip by the text. You’ll get a chance to learn some of what he taught me.

Space Opera, Act One

You’ll be able to catch Steve in person at this year’s major comic cons, including New York in April.

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As a teenager, I remember seeing one of Steve Rude’s personal sketchbook tomes at Wondercon. I was completely floored by not only the quality of work but the worth ethic that went into it. It was eye-opening and inspiring to me that someone of Mr. Rude’s skill still did studies and exercises to keep his artistic skills sharp and improving.

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