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David Burd, Wally Wood, and the Cartoonist’s Credo

April 16th, 2008

Cartoonist's Credo
For reasons I can’t remember, during a conversation the other day with Dan Meth I mentioned a card my old friend idea man/writer/comedian David Burd used to hand out (when he was working on MTV networks IDs for us in the 80s) called “The Cartoonist’s Credo.” I couldn’t remember the exact wording but it seemed applicable to our conversation.

I emailed David and he wanted me to make sure to give credit where credit is due to the originator, Mad’s Wally Wood, and that I should link to www.impko.com. And he sent me a pile of the cards too! Thanks David.

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Of course, when Woody came up with those rules he was drawing comics by hand. They need to be updated for today’s world:

Never draw anything you can copy
Never copy anything you can scan
Never scan anything you can right click and Save As…


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