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New Orleans 100.

August 30th, 2008


The New Orleans 100

Since August 2005, I’ve put up nine posts about the problems our country’s faced since the horrors that nature and man have reaped. Unfortunately, I assume there will be many more. As many on the ground have observed, it’s going to be at least a decade before we begin to repair at least the surface damage.

I’ve suggest, and you’ve followed up on, a number of ways to help the devasted area, whether it’s a straight donation or buying records or posters who funnel your payments to help centers. And you should continue to do do: CNN’s set up a special page that can help you figure out the best place for you to participate.

There’s really a dilemma. Things are terrible, and things are improving. The New Orleans 100 was set up by All Day Buffet to highlight the good works that are making New Orleans and the area better, with links to lots of the organizaitons you can help. Take a look, maybe something will strike your fancy.

Americans deserve better than we’ve done for them so far. Please help.

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