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Happy Frederween!

November 1st, 2008

Happy Frederween! from justin on Vimeo.

I’m a lucky guy in almost every way, always have been. And when it comes to my work colleagues that goes triple. I’ve always been surrounded by smart, supportive folks that have made work even more fun and productive than I would have ever imagined. And they invariably have a great sense of humor, like everyone at Next New Networks. As you can see by the Halloween video Justin Johnson made with them yesterday.Mike and Lindsey as Fred
Mike Glenn & Lindsey Chen in their office Halloween costumes

A lot of you reading the blog haven’t met me so you might wonder what the hell goes on at our office. Maybe a little background on their activities yesterday is in order. Usually it takes someone a few weeks of working around me to notice my, um, now 25+ year, boringly peculiar habit of dressing in one of thirty combinations of khaki pants, Frank Stella button down shirts, white sports socks, and colored belts.white shirt, khaki pants, colored belt
It’s somewhere between six months and two years later they notice the particular features with which the observant artists in my life draw me. Like Arlen Schumer did with our Fredbot or Craig Kellman did on a birthday card over a decade ago.
eyebrows glasses nose

At that point it’s only a matter of time before something happens.Thanks everyone, I love working with you all. Thanks to all the Frederween filmmakers, Justin, Angie, Liam, Trish, Diane , Matthias, Lee, Jeremy, Mike, Kendra, Erik, Lindsay, Mary, and Jacob. You make work way better than work.

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