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Who let the dogs out?

November 7th, 2008

Great minds are thinking alike. First, Ben Ross and the UltraKawaii team came up with this video. Then our friend Alan Katz sent me this song, which Ben will be animating this weekend:

Pick Me!

(Sung by a dog who wants to be the Obama family’s pup, to the tune of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”)

Barack, you just won the election
America gave you a smooch
Now we all await the selection
Just who will you choose as First Pooch?

Pick me, pick me
With kids of all ages
I’ve played, I’ve played
Pick me, pick me
I’m already neutered and spayed!

Malia and Sasha, such sweeties
One look and their hearts will be mush (the kids looking at the dog who’s singing)
We’ll snuggle while you’re signing treaties
For laughs, I can pee on a Bush! (peeing on George W)

Pick me, pick me
Your papers and slippers
I’ll fetch, I’ll fetch
You can sic me
When folks like Joe Lieberman kvetch!

Pick me, pick me
No collies, or schnauzers
No danes, no danes
Pick me, quickly,
I’m glad I’ll be yours
Not McCains!
(Big howl)

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