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Shattered lives, a shattered region, a shattered country.

August 29th, 2009

American Flag

One of my earliest posts about Hurricane Katrina shuddered at the probability that we’d be still devastated on 2010 anniversary of the tragedy, and it’s still looking that way. We can’t forget what we allowed to happen to our countrymen. Please donate whatever you can to continue to help them. I know it’s a tough time for everyone, and donations are the last things on our minds. But, it’s the sign of a great people when we can help ourselves and our brethren.

I’ve searched for projects to help that can reflect my own focus. First, it was artists in The Hurricane Poster ProjectThe Tipitina’s Foundation continues to help the musicians that are at the heart of so much of America culture that has spread throughout the globe. And no matter you’re political persuasion you can find donation points that will satisfy your beliefs (just search Hurricane Katrina relief donations, 2009).

Please, do what you can. It doesn’t have to be much. Our fellow citizens deserve our attention and caring.

Janet Perr in the house.

August 4th, 2009

Artist/designer Janet Perr came by Frederator/NY yesterday with her funny books
Hip-Hop for Dogs: From Bling to Phat Your Dog Is One Cool Cat and Yiddish for Dogs: Chutzpah, Feh!, Kibbitz, and More: Every Word Your Canine Needs to Know to talk about turning them into television shows.

Thanks to Janet for kind permission to display some of her artwork.